Hey guys!
So this is my first thread and I hope there is nothing too similar like this already existing. (if so, I'm sorry!)

I guess the title says it all.
I really want to know what people are thinking about our creepy Yamato. (I loved his creepy face, really :D)
As we all know he was kidnapped, is unconcious and got kinda.. implanted in that Gedo-Flower thing to make the Zetsus stronger or something.

What do you think will happen?
Is he dead? Will he come back like more powerful because he got some more of the Hashirama DNA (I know that he has it already, but he was miles away from Hashiramas power, being exhausted after building 3 houses)? Or will Kishi simply forget him being in implanted in that plant and we will never ever hear again for him?

So I really hope he will get a special role in the war being like some 2nd Hashirama, even surpassing him a little, who can defeat Edo-Madara (like some 2nd Madara vs. Hashirama fight), maybe being able to control the Gedo with some Moukton. (even if I didn't like him at the beginning because he replaced my beloved Kakashi :P)
But yeah, tell me your thoughts. :)