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    Sasuke going to Sora-ku (sky ward)

    I'm not to sure how many people have also thought about this; But i believe Sasuke is off to go to Sora-ku (Sky Ward)
    to see Nekubaa and Tamaki, Denka, Hina

    Sora-Ku (Sky Ward) was used as the Uchiha clans munitions holding area. The Uchiha left Nekubaa and Tamaki in charge of this place

    After the foundation of Hebi, Sasuke brought his team to this place for supplies before perusing Itachi.

    In this we see Orochimaru and Sasuke both state "them" Fugaku was in charge of the Uchiha Military Police, planning a revolt would have required supplies gathered outside of Konoha, Sora-ku for instance? to minimize suspicion.

    Also in the image we see Sasuke remembering Itachi's words regarding his mother and father

    I believe that Denka and Hina (Ninja Cats) were used by the Leader/s of the Uchiha Military Police going as far back as Setsuna Uchiha as a method of relaying information back and forward between Sora-ku and Konoha

    So over all when Orochimaru and Sasuke talk about talking to "them" i believe its directed towards Nekubaa, Denka and Hina in the ruins of Sky Ward.

    Comments/flame/opinions ?
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