okay, so, this is something that i have always wanted to see.

the set out is pretty simple, you choose out of 5 abilities.






each of them would Branch off into their second, third and fourth forms (i can only think of third forms)

With Water, the user could chose a path of mastering Ice, continue to hone the abilities of a true water bender, and with a top notch level, use blood-bending, but only under certain circumstances, like, they must be evil during the game.

With Earth, the user would be able to focus on Metal Bending, or hone their skills as a true Earth Bender.

With Fire, there is lightning, and lava.

Wait Air, there is an ultimate form of airbending, where they can surround the target in an air ball, but then, use their airbending to bend all the air within that circle out taking away the ability for the targeted to breath. This would be for the Evil Monks.

and hand to hand combat.

well, you have the:
Long range
-bows & arrows
-knife throwing


not very good for fighting, but is very fast, and sometimes being fast is all that there is to it.

you can do special missions, that lead you on more missions that will eventually lead you to becoming an avatar

you do not have to be an avatar to have pets, and you can also have the elemental guardians, air byson, Earth Badgermole, Fire Dragon, and Water Polar Dog.

but special missions must be done.

like i have seen someone else say, "make it like skyrim map, only for avatar".

water benders would have the perk to heal faster during combat. Fire benders would be able to double their damage during combat, Air Benders would be able to make their own movements faster, or make theirs faster, and Earth would be able to Raise their defence to a level 2 levels above their own.

well, this is just a small glimpse of what i would like to see in a mmorpg of Avatar.

what are your thoughts??