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Kefa: why no turkey for me?, guess i'll have to train harder for some turkey, oh wait! Thanksgiving is over, till next year sensei!.... Lemme give this tech a try

*kefa places the sword he was holding on the Ground, then kefa stands erect and after some minutes he starts to build his lightning based chakra, kefa then channels it to his right arm, kefa's right hand(on the outside) starts to crackle, kefa channels more chakra to his right arm and kefa's expands the lightning chakra he releases up to his right hand elbow, kefa's palm up to his elbow gets covered with intense lightning, kefa focuses on the intense lightning to shapen it, into bolts of lightning while it still covers kefa's arm, kefa looks up and starts running and after a few quick steps, kefa takes a leap into the air, while in the air, kefa positions himself in a way that his hand faces the ground, and will be the first to hit the Ground, kefa clenches his right hand as he prepares to hit the Ground, on impact(as kefa punches the ground) kefa immeditely releases a burst of chakra which he channelled to his right arm, due to this, the lightning that coated/covered kefa's right arm becomes discharges, leaving kefa in the middles as it acts as a force field streching up to 5 meters*

strong points
* -its a good defence againts incoming attacks from all points-
* - its a good defence and offense at the same time, having the user being close to the opponent, the user can use this tech as a defence but in the process, since the user is close to the opponent, the electricity discharged will affect the opponent-
* -it helps to dodge attacks, the duration where the user jumps into the air can be used to dodge incoming attacks-
weak points
* -the opponent can take advantage of the time the user jumps into the air, trying to stop the user from using this jutsu -
* -if the user intended to use this as an attack, the opponent can get out of the range(using an earth pillar underneath him-
combinations and strategies
the user can first attack the opponent and having the opponent lie on the ground, then the user can use this technique, but punching the opponent who is on the Ground making the opponent have full damage of this technique.
ways to counter
the opponent can stop the jutsu from happening, by making use of the time the user gets into the air right before landing, the opponent can turn the area the user of this tech will land, into a mud or swamp, rendering the user stucked and the tech useless.
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Very good, just remember that you are slamming your palm not closed first, otherwise you'd most likely fracture your knuckles even if aided by lightning your hand would eventually make physical contact with the ground.

( Raiton no Heki ) – Lightning Release Wall
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary, Defence
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 15
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user manipulates their chakra and then releases it in front of them whilst holding their hands out and they generate a wall of lightning energy that can defend against certain techniques. The user can use this defence to shock enemy targets who attempt close range combat and deliver a small electrical shock that can temporarily reduce their physical capabilities.
I want you to start focusing your lightning chakra around you hands until you see lightning crackle. You will then manipulate that lightning and release a greater volume of it outwards, shape manipulating it into a defensive lightning energy wall of sorts that stands in front of you as.