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    Adventures At Sea Applications.

    Now remember this is sort of a rough draft so the final version will be different

    Ok, basically the idea is for a new RP thread called adventures at sea. I got the Idea from the filler arc. The thread will have participants try to get from Point A to Point B. I haven't named point a or b yet that will be in the final form of this thread.
    This is the basic idea.

    1. Their will be 4 ships, each ship will have 5 members.

    2. In addition to the 5 members, there will be a captain for each ship. The captain will be in charge of the ship, and make the post that represents their entire ship. (More on this later)

    3. Their will be mods to "be the sea" (by mod I don't mean, mods that moderate NB just mods for this thread) By being the sea I mean that you will become storms, sea monsters, etc to make it harder to get from point A to B. Each ship will have the same amount of obstacles, but their will be a mod for each ship.

    4. Their should be a seperate thread for each ship, so things are more organized and so 50 posts aren't overlapping with eachother.

    5. Each ship will have a social group, where the members will debate on a post. Their will be a vote. Each mod will be responsible for one ship's social group to make sure everything is going well.

    6. Their will be no supernatural powers like flying, paper bombs, etc. You must conquer the obstalces with your intiative and what you have.

    7. Each ship will have, 1 rope the length of a foot ball field the width of your thumb. Each ship will also have 10 swords, and 10 shields. Each ship will also have a mast, sail, rigging etc. The ships will be the size of a galleon (look it up if you don't know what it is.)

    8. You can go below decks and all over the ship, but you can only go to the captains cabin if invited.

    PHP Code:
    B][U]Which ship do you want[/U][/B] (123, or 4):
    B][U]Do you wanna be a captain[/U][/B]?:
    B][U]Do you wanna be a mod?[/U][/B
    I will post when applications are closed

    Any questions? VM me, DONT SPAM THIS THREAD.

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    Re: Adventures At Sea Applications.

    Username: ITACHIUCHIA101
    Which ship do you want (1, 2, 3, or 4): 3
    Do you wanna be a captain?: suree
    Do you wanna be a mod? no

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