So what happened to obito is symbolic of what happens to every beta that gets friend zoned. Obito is in love with Rin. He thinks he’s is perfect for her. However, obito is your typical loser. He’s a failure as a ninja, not very attractive, but he is a very nice guy as shown when helping old people. Rin falls in love with the more skilled and handsome ninja, kakashi. Obito tries to give her flowers but gets rejected. Obito sacrifices himself to save rin from harm. This is symbolic of a nice guy being there for a girl to talk about her problems after she got hurt by her boyfriend. Kakashi on the other hand want to abandon her and let her get killed. Kakashi treated rin like crap just like every other guy who gets the girl in real life. Obito gets crushed literally. Probably symbolic of a guy getting his heart crushed by a girl. Rin stays with kakashi. I strongly feel that rin getting killed by kakashi is symbolic of a guy taking a girl's virginity. Obito was trapped in his cave. This is represents being home on friday night in your room. Madara is like your parents. Old and out of touch with social norms. Zetsu is like, well hes white and ain't poo. A special kind of zetsu can even wrap around you. Kakashi penetrates rin with his chidori. The chidori is symbolic for phallic imagery. It even has a glowing tip. Rin also bleeds when the chidori enters her body for the first time just like when one's cherry gets popped. Rin cries. She will never be the same. The rin that obito loved is forever lost. So obito goes crazy over this and wants to change the world with the damn moon plan. Obito is your typical social reject that ends up shooting up the school. Just my opinion of what kishi is trying to get across to us.