Now I'm not saying that Kiba can take high teir ninja, but I do believe that he is easily jounin level and is ridiculously underrated. Most of you think Kiba = king of the fodder, and that he only spams gatsuuga. But I want to show you he is probably one of the most useful ninja in all of Konoha. And he places 3rd in the K11 (behind Neji and Lee)

1. Speed. Kiba has a 4.5 in speed in the databook and since the beginning he has always bragged about it. Although he hasn't had an opportunity to show it off since part 1 he is still the fastest of the K11 (besides Lee). I know using his fight vs genin Naruto is bad example because Naruto was terrible, but it properly shows off his speed.

2. His nose. Let me make one thing clear first. Kiba is hands down THE BEST TRACKER IN KONOHA. His nose is better than a dogs and 1000 times better than an average humans. This means that, while in a fight, he knows precisely where his enemy is AT ALL TIMES. Which makes things like the replacement technique useless because he can identify people by smell. His range with his nose is literally MILES, he smelled the sand siblings approaching like 30 mins before they showed up

3. Gatsuuga/Garouga. Gatsuuga is his signature move and while portrayed as a spam move, it is nevertheless way more powerful than a regular hit. Garouga is a different story. This move is incredibly powerful. People seem to forget that he has this move for some reason. This move is difficult to dodge, he managed to land a direct hit on Sakon and Ukon who have an almost 360 degree field of vision. And this move would have KILLED ALMOST ANYBODY besides these two. Not even Hidan or Tsunade can survive being cut into two pieces down the middle. And as you can see in the top panels of the pic even if you dodge it by a foot the vacuum it creates will tear your skin off.

4. Akamaru. Just take everything good I've said about him and multiply it times 2. Akamarus abilities while transformed are just as good as Kiba's

5. He is not stupid. There is a big difference between hot headed and stupid. He has actually shown very quick thinking during fights. During his fight with Sakon and Ukon, when Ukon merged with his body, He managed to find a weakness within 5 seconds of knowing what his ability is. Then he had the resolve to instantly stab himself, something that Ukon said nobody has tried before.

Chouji fought the weakest member of the sound four, and pretty much died. Same with Neji, he fought the second best and also pretty much died. Sakon and Ukon were said to be the strongest out of all of them. And Kiba managed to hold his own and escape with a perfect on the spot plan. The second after he got Ukon out of his body he threw a kunai in order to shroud his vision, threw smoke bombs, grab Akamaru, set up a trap, and escape into the river all within a few seconds.

I hope I changed your opinion about him and I hope you agree that he is jounin level and the best tracker in Konoha (yes, even better than Yamato). Also, like I said above I think he is 3rd in K11.