To the idiots who thinks he beats neji Quick reading naruto! Its clear you dont understand anything in it.

Kidomaru was the second strongest only behind Kimmimaru! Its a reason why Sakon and tayuya said if he transforms your as good as dead. Plus the fact Kidomaru was the one pulling the strings and telling the rest what to do. Plus the fact he underestimated Neji and played with him the entire fight. He died because he got cocky with a kid.

Plus the fact it was a bad match up against kido, neji literally fought the perfect smart ninja to take him out. Sakon and Ukon would get shitted on by neji hands down!!! They use Taijutsu, and Neji owns then in that category 100%.

Kidomaru would destroy Kiba!!! Dont doubt what he can do with his abilitys...