Terrain: The Scarlet Jade Caste, atop the Legendary Aincrad floating castle. We stand in the midst of the uppermost floor, a Colosseum like structure that is open to the sky, with the sun shining above. The massive arena has a long-range radius, and two rivers create a cross through the field, dividing it into quarters.

Rules:Ken, Tai, 2 elements and a special ability [if applicable]. Customs, obviously, allowed.

My elements will be Wind and Water. Once Gin-San posts his opening, I will begin the fight.

*Keotsu stands resolute in the midst of the battle field, the few pieces of armor he is wearing gleaming in the sunlight. His blade Mythos and its scabbard having been transformed prior to the fight, into a longsword and arm-mounted shield combo known as the "Liberator." Though he knows he will be the person to make the first move in the battle, he awaits his opponent Kirito, the black swordsman, to show himself.*