People forget how powerful Orochimaru is, not only that but his IQ is crazy high! If naruto is to win im sure he will need Orochimaru's help, Orochimaru is a master at hand to hand combat, know lost of secret and forbidden jutsu, has experimented enough to have develope new jutsu (which is great to know jutsu that even madara doesnt know about) learned from 3rd hokage and most importantly found a way to get a boost in their power, ofcourse it has its price (e.g sasuke's curse mark) but im sure he can boost up anyone's power without drawbacks because im sure he just uses these deadly drawback to control to person after the boosting happens.. anyways considering the current level madara is Naruto needs some kind of enhancement, he needs someone who knows the body of the 1st hokage, someone who has deeply tried to uncover the sharingan's secrets and someone who is super strong. Sure sounds like Orochimaru if u ask me...waddaya think?