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    How to better your perspective on threads. And what can you do? [READ]

    How to better are perspective of the Threads we come across of [Read]

    How does this affect all of us? Well to put it bluntly we all have a part in how we view threads. We all have something to say and what we say and do has an affect on other members in this site.*

    "If a person never makes a mistake in what he says, is perfect." (James 3:2) No one has complete control on what we say. Most people can relate as to myself when I say sometimes the speed bump between my brain and my mouth often turns into a launching pad.

    To understand why people may lose control in what we say try to read the following.

    Identify your weakness.
    - I tend to speak out of anger
    - I tend to speak without thinking
    - I tend to speak without reading
    - Other
    There's people who have a problem with joking around to much, and sometimes people take what you say the wrong way.

    Remember pursue peace. We all have a lot to say. But not all are gonna agree and like what you say. Best way to handle that is to come to an agreement. We are different people. And what you say can affect what other people say. And the comments and reputation is at stake. When you want to say something, try to think about the impact it will have on others. And remember as you get older your better in what you say and you learn from experience.*

    We can all better this site. In how we critique others and the reputation we give them. Don't minus rep someone if you don't agree on what there saying cause that can hurt someone and cause war against other people. Liking and disliking a thread can affect future threads. And explain why you don't like this thread and improvement that can be made. Reputation serves a purpose on how other people see you. It's not to be taken lightly. How you present yourself and your threads plus your reputation affects on what people view and what we say.

    Most people in Naruto Base don't like to read. And it's really bad for this thread cause I have so much to say! But we all don't like to read when things drag to long. Here's some tips.
    - Don't drag on.
    - Basic grammar
    - Get to the point
    - Think before you write
    - And last try to settle an agreement

    We CAN better this site. Not a lot of people will agree with me. And not a lot of people will like this. And there will be dislikes. But that won't stop me from making this site better and to help other people. I'm not perfect. But I believe that I have more work. And I think we can agree that there's one thing that makes us the same.

    We all LOVE and WATCH Naruto. Thanks for your time. Please IF you like this please don't be afraid to click on the button. If you dislike this please tell me. We all need improvements. I love this base. Please try to give this to an admin and try make this stay in people's mind. This is Patrick and I'll see you next time!

    EDIT: I'm not asking you all to change that's not the purpose of this thread. Take into consideration. And know that there is improvements. We are all human.
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