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    Awards Showcase

    Spar with weird rules

    Rei's R&R
    no killing or stealing
    only 2 jutsus per turn
    only Basic 5 + Taijutsu (only freeform Taijutsu) and only Taijutsu, NOT Kaito's Tai
    if you want than Kenjutsu as well, but tell me before we begin so that i can get some equipment
    no KG nor Special Abilities like Sensing, Nara Shadows,...
    if you get into close range than NO NAGASHI
    CJ Kenjutsu yes if you say yes to Kenjutsu
    other CJs no
    CEs no
    CW if you say yes to Kenjutsu than allowed, if you say no to Kenjutsu than no CW

    told ya, weird rules

    and let's see, Yamamoto Takeshi

    post your bio and if you want Kenjutsu on

    after you do so, i will make the first move

    OH, and this spar includes a lot of talking, so before i attack we will exchange some talking posts to get some atmosphere into this
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