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Well, not quite like that. We have a high illiteracy rate, but I guess it helps out that our two best universities are free.
Anyway, I agree with germanicus' point bout money running everything, but we have to remember democracy is supposed to be the representation of a whole country. We should vote for the candidate we feel has the better policies for the major part of population, and also that allows to have some kind of interaction with his/her administration. If ya can't question your government, then either your country is slowly moving to fascism and oligarchy ore ya are already in that kind of system.
Going back to the OT, usually independent candidates are willing (at least more than the ones of the bigger parties) to consider what population says. Young folks does not realize that what we do now -related to politics- will decide the kind of government future generations will have. Tho I highly doubt a independent candidate will win this, to show your support to them has a great impact in the image of parties. Also, the important thing right now is to achieve variety on congress, so ya have some kind of representation in the higher politics spheres.
History changes occurs slowly, don't give up (hum! I should take my own word)
The US has a lot of people, well at least that I've met, who will tell you that the US is not in fact a Democracy but a Republic — where we elect officials to do most of the work for us. Unfortunately, this is true and always has been here in America.

I say unfortunately but truth be told it's not completely worthless as a system of government. For instance — if the people of the US were more mobilized, in the sense of cohesive goal orientated groups, taking to the streets and stopping traffic for what we wanted then our leaders would be afraid of the public. Which is right where representatives should be. Afraid they'll piss off the masses.

That's what the Occupy movement was all about — and still is — it's just not going to gain the kind of momentum it needs to become a revolution until there is a tipping point. Which no one knows what will be.

As you said history takes small steps to change the course of.

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You know, I watched the debate at 8pm and around 9pm or 9:05 I stopped listening to it and changed the channel. Normally I will sit there and hear them debate to hear their inputs and plans but somehow, like you said..it did seemed staged. I felt like Obama wanted to say more than what he said, Mitt seemed overly confident as if he already knew he would 'take the win' in the debate.
[._.] *nods knowingly*

But it's an interesting point you bring up because a few days ago I was reading and I have to agree that:

Political parties only Divide the nation.

George Washington for example, hated the very idea of parties. He distrusted what he called "factions" He despised anything that "put in the place of the delegated will of the nation the will of a party" He denounced all combinations and associations designed to direct, control, counteract, or awe the regular deliberation and action of the government. He believed political parties to be destructive because they were only focus on the soul purpose of reaching their own interests, not truly those of the people.
Yes, but ... GW was also some one who believed, along with the other founding fathers, that power needed to stay in the capable hands of the few intelligent & wealthy men in the country that could be trusted to cater to the wealthy land owners so as to protect their interests. Think about it — if you have a democracy, people could potentially make business fair and property available for all.

And like I said where we want the representatives scared to make the wrong move NOT confident that they are the only people who can make the right move.

If we're honest with ourselves, we have seen both sides, the republicans and democrats- control, manipulate and lie to their voters by giving them promises that later on they don't fulfill.

I've never been one to care so much about politics, I lost my faith in the government but like my teacher said "If you don't vote, don't ******." The only reason, I would ever vote is to keep the narrow minded people who want to keep America in the 15th century from achieving that goal. So far the Democrats are more liberal than the Republicans and since those two parties are always the ones going head to head against each other. It'll be pointless to support another party that will only have 5% of the votes, though this year it seems to me that everyone wants to vote for neither.

Now, I shall go die in bed from this cold I have :silly:
One book I think I could suggest is Death of the Liberal Class by Chris Hedges. It's about the true place of the liberal class in our society and how it has disappeared from it.

As far as the two party notion goes — I had some one, an avid Rush Limbaugh listener, at work last Thursday tell me that there is only meant to be two parties because that's the way it's been since the beginning ... that's how fracked up this country is.

Blinded by the American dream, every one convinced that 'their' intellectual ghetto is where the rest of the county should live, controlled by consumption.

— cheers