Do you think Kakashi would have been as weak/strong had Obito not almost died, or been able to work well without sharigan. And in the manga Kakashi was clearly the superior in skill at that young age, if Obito hadn't found Madara and gotten Hashi's cells would he be as OP as he is now and if they grew up together would Kakashi still be superior or Tobi blow him away when he opens MS?

My opinions they would definitely be on more equal terms, I think Kakashi would be stronger if he actually played to his strengths and not fall back on Sharigan every every every every every single time. His father didn't have it and is considered by most hype to be Sannin level. I would kill to see like Kakashi on a comparable level to his father vs. MS non-hashi Tobi. Or even Kakashi's dad vs MS tobi, take out the middle man.
Honestly any white fang action would be cool want to know more about em...

Also.. It would be Obito and Kakashi not Kakashi and Gai. Who would be Gai's eternal competitor!!!!!!? Sad face Gai