i dont know if its the right section so sry if its not ...

i have this doubt about the manga release date and other such details
though i have been reading manga for sumtimes i still dont know abt the actual process of the manga release
not that i didn't search for it but i couldn't find much useful info

first of all things i know:
1.) i know all famous manga like naruto,bleach,OP are published in weekly magazine shonen jump and other manga in other magazines
2.) someone scans the magazine and translate it,add watermark then release in internet

Things i dont know or dont understand:

1.which day is shonen jump a released in the week (in their website it says saturday)?

2.if shonen jump is a weekly magazine then how is it delivered to the customer?
in our country there are two ways.... if its a high end full colored magazine u hava to become a subscriber for 1 yr sumthing like that and it'll be delivered to you directly(home delivery) and....... if its like comics or manga like thing i.e without color it'll be in general stores and anyone can buy it whenever they feel like it

3.why is there a huge time variation in release of manga online like sumtime its wednesday sumtimes its tuesday and sumtimes its thursday(its not the time difference bcos time difference between japan and the place i live is approximately 3 hrs only )

4.if we could read the manga online then who would buy shonen jump ??

5.not that i''m complaining but isn't illegal to upload the magazine content online bcos of copywrite issue or sumthing like that