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    Re: Sasuke vs Bee right now!

    Sasuke wins. Amaterasu FTW.

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    Re: Sasuke vs Bee right now!

    People are forgetting Samehada as well. I'm pretty sure it would render Susanoo useless by absorbing the chakra, if it can absorb tailed beast chakra I'm sure it can absorb Susanoo's chakra too. Killer in V2 mode will cause a lot of problems for Sasuke and dodge most of Sasuke's attacks in this form. In full 8 tails mode although his tailed beast bomb would fodderise Susanoo, he's too big. This makes him an easy target for Amaterasu.

    I wonder in Samehada can absorb the black flames????

    It's too close to call for me. If Sahmehada can absorb Susanoo then Killer Bee will win because his taijutsu and speed is superior to Sasuke's. Amaterasu won't work on him again either.

    If Samehada is usless against Susanoo then Sasuke will overwhelm Killer Bee and win. Although tailed beast ball will do lots of damage I'm guessing Amaterasu can be used faster than bee can unleash tailed beast bomb. And full 8 tails ain't avoiding that. Killer Bee's best bet is to not go full 8 tails, V2 max in order to maintain high speeds. While Sasuke's best bet is to utilize flame control to the best of his abilities to prevent Killer Bee touching him.
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    Re: Sasuke vs Bee right now!

    We haven't seen any/enough of Sasuke's EMS capabilities to come to a firm decesion, however with Sasuke does have much better control over his Sharingan, so i say Sasuke med-high difficulty

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    Re: Sasuke vs Bee right now!

    Bee isn't getting past Susanoo if he doesn't go full hachibi. Then he's a giant target for blaze magatamas, arrows, or amaterasu. Samehada could barely absorb a fireball, so it won't absorb amaterasu.
    Sasuke mid/high diff
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    Re: Sasuke vs Bee right now!

    I made the thread and right now i think Bee would win so Many good comments and i decided that Bee is the winner!

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    Re: Sasuke vs Bee right now!

    Quote Originally Posted by TrickyDD View Post
    I made the thread and right now i think Bee would win so Many good comments and i decided that Bee is the winner!
    Sasuke that Fought bee had the perfect arsenal to defeat bee. This Still beeing MS Sasuke.
    While it is true that Killer bee's Swordplay and Taijutsu outclass sasuke's. The Susanoo Ribcage with Amaterasu Covering nullifies these Talents that Killer Bee Possess. With this Amazing combination of Blaze Release and Susanoo Attacks such as these:

    Killer Bee Battle against the weakest Sasuke ever seen in the shippuden series and this is supported by the fact that he was Still no fully healed from his battle with Itachi:

    Sasuke's Snake powers and Curse mark was sealed and was now battling with literally no knowledge of his own powers. His Lighting style was counter by the fact that Killer bee was also Lighting style.
    Killer Bee has no attacks that would Break Blaze Release Susanoo so his Taijutsu and Sword play as stated before would be useless.
    To Your Arguement about Killer Bee being distracted by Suigetsu when Sasuke used the Amaterasu, this is what Suigetsu looked like before Sasuke used the Amaterasu:

    True this does catch the eye:D, but I think Killer B was finished with Suigetsu.

    Killer B has no hope, fighting from a range leaves Sasuke the victory because Amaterasu, Susanoo Arrow and TBB All have the fact in common that they are 1 Hit Kill Moves. Sadly, TBB Lacks the speed feats to match up with Amaterasu and Susanoo Arrow. Leaving Killer B Destroyed.
    Killer B Now Possesses the Sameheda
    Sameheda has shown to have 2 things that make me feel as if it would on be helpful temporarily. The fact that Sameheda has a Limit and a strong dislike for Katon ninjutsu.
    The limit that Sameheda has was shown in the battle against Killer B:

    As shown in this Page the Sameheda can not Absorb alot of Chakra at once, it was shown that when touching B. It was said B at 7 tailed Cloak but once Touched by Sameheda he was only reduce to 1 tail instead of having the entire cloaked removed. This limit was shown again when Killer B went for the Lariat:

    Sameheda touched B and he reverted back into Hachibi Version 1.
    Therefore Sameheda can not absorb a Large amount of Chakra at once.
    Sameheda has shown it's dislike for heat related Ninjutsu when Killer B used it to absorb up a portion of Itachi's Katon Release: Grand Fireball:

    Sameheda showed it's disgust and disapproval of absorbing Ninjutsu with Fire involved and Killer B helps the reader to further understand this by said "Can't Take the Heat."
    Where am i going with these Sameheda flaws is that with Susanoo needing a Great deal of Chakra, being compared to Bijuu and Amaterasu being the highest Level of Fire Ninjutsu, the combination of both these two at the time time would be to much for Sameheda to absorb all in 1 Serving. Sasuke having the ability to hold both Simultaneously I do believe Sameheda will not be able to Absorb Blaze Release: Susanoo in one serving and with Sameheda being need for Bee to counter Sasuke Amaterasu, Sasuke having the ability to Spam it now makes Sameheda unable to handle it. Sameheda having a personality may just end up refusing to even absorb sasuke chakra with it being so Sinister probably giving it a bad "Flavor" and him being an Katon and Enton user:

    There is no way Sameheda will Absorb Susanoo Covered in Enton and still absorb a Spam of the the Exact "Flavor" it dislikes.
    Yes Sameheda can eat would it does not like to but to much of it would cause it to refuse to eat anymore. Example:
    IF a Child thinks eating Spinach and Broccoli is nasty can't stand the "Flavor" he can probably still force down some Spinach, but having to each Spinach and Broccoli at the same time and then having to eat another plate of Spinach and another Plate the child will eventually act out and refuse to eat anymore.

    Killer B's Eight Tails Whirl Wind:
    Another known skill of Killer B is this attack:

    ]Many people supporting Sasuke's case have been speechless to this attack but Sasuke has shown a Strategy to us already of how he would deal with this. Sasuke could use the Susanoo arms to clench the ground and then shoot a fireball into these massive winds.
    Wind makes fire stronger and that is alot of wind to power up any of Sasuke's fire element jutsu and looking at how much wind that Killer B created adding Sasuke's fire nature in to boost damage would do serious damage to any oppoenent including killer B. Who's to say with Sasuke adding Enton to this Enormous fuel that this would not be an instant prep for Kirin? Kirin Requires the air to be hot and Amaterasu which is a Jutsu that is based upon the Enton flames being a possible source to fuel Kirin:

    This attack could just very will create the end for Killer B.
    Here is the strategy put to action against Danzo:

    While the sucking attack is based on "pulling" Susanno clenching the ground kept Susanoo from being pulled in even with Danzo attacking with a "Pushing" wind attack from the backside. Danzo even states that his wind attacks power was increased do to the suction of the baku. All these combos were supposed to move Susanoo out of it's place but even with the Pulling winds from the front and the increased wind power pushing from the backside Susanoo doesn't move. Then shooting the fireball during the wind causing the power of Sasuke's fireball to increase and with the size of the winds Killer B made along with the fire boost that would do serious damage to anyone.This combo killer the Baku but on a smaller scale.

    This combination should in fact be enough to withstand and counter attack Killer B's attack. While some trees with unrooted some trees were still in their place. Susanoo's grip in theory would hold Sasuke in place.
    There is also the option of attacking during Killer B's Prep of this move with Susanoo Arrow or Amaterasu:

    Susanoo arrow being able to interrupt Danzo's hand seals and being faster than Kakashi's body can react shows that it should have the speed feats to attack Killer B before the move:

    I will talk about each of your points in order to make it easily to see and understand which point at which part of my post I am making a rebuttal to.
    Starting with Killer B and his newly found knowledge of the Sharingan.
    Yes Killer B has shown that he has known to attempt attacking a Sharingan user while they are closing their eye to use Amaterasu:

    Sadly, Killer B did not learn enough from his fight from Sasuke to realize attacking in the style he did against Itachi would never work on an Uchiha using Amaterasu and here is why..
    When using Amaterasu it is shown that the user must close his eye. Closing 1 eye does not leave an Uchiha open, they still have 1 eye open. If Killer B attempts to attack Sasuke in that same fashion as he has shown he will fail to land his attack do to the Sharingans base power of reading linear attacks. Killer B throws the sword in a linear fashion which can not be helped but this would cause Sasuke or any Sharingan user to see the attack coming and avoid it like any other linear attack no matter the speed:

    Any Lighting enhanced sword or range attack that Killer B would attempt while using the Amaterasu would be counter by the 1 eye still open.
    Killer B's Linear Attack:

    Also something about Sasuke that people do not note often is that his speed feats with Amaterasu transcend Itachi's. Therefore using Itachis attacks in any argument against Sasuke is illegitimate.
    Itachi's Amaterasu speed feats:

    Sasuke's Amaterasu Speed feats:

    We barely ever see Sasuke having to close his eye before like Itachi. Sasuke uses Amaterasu one a much quicker scale than Itachi.

    Now yes your absolutely correct about the Jinchiriki defenses and that the nine tails was able to within stand an attack from the Kusangi blade.This sword most likely received it's name from attacking non-chakra boosted defenses. Since I have no proof of this I won't rely on this in my argument but do you believe that based of this hype of this blade that it could cut through a Susanoo? doubtful. Or think about Kishimoto's entry on the databook for Sasuke. Do you think Sasuke literally has the speed of a God? If he did Naruto's speed would not be as much of a problem as it is for Sasuke. Try not to depend so much on the hype of the weapon.
    Now to address your approach on the Susanoo arrow. You must realize that the Susanoo arrow has never been blocked. Susanoo Arrow has pierce everything and anything it has come into contact with including that pillar you posted a picture of. Can you tell me where the point of that arrow is? Did you continue to read through the manga after seeing this picture? The very next panel shows that the Susanoo Arrow pierced clean through the pillar:

    If you look at the top left panel you can see Susanoo from a front view and the Snakes and Pillar from a back view. You see the point of the Susanoo Arrow showing on the other side of the Pillar.
    Many people attempt to down grade Susanoo arrows worth using this picture but this only adds to it's feats that it has always pierced through what it hits:
    Hashirama's wood Style:

    The Susanoo Arrow is a technique that is ment for "Pierce" not destroying. Everyone trys to say that because the Susanoo Arrow did not destroy the pillar that it is weak but the point of a "Pierce" is ment to penetrate a defense and not to blow it up. Chidori is also a Pierce which is why it penetrates and not explodes like a Rasengan. The best example of the difference between Pierce and Explosion is this:

    Chidori penetrated/Pierced while Rasengan blew up the back:

    Susanoo has always Pierced what it has made contact with. As of now Susanoo Arrow has never been Blocked. It always Penetrates as designed.

    Now my rebuttal towards Kabuto using water style and hitting Sasuke. I really do not know how to explain why this happened. Maybe it was the fact that a Sage mode boost the power of Ninijutsu attacks and that Kabuto has exceeded even those of Perfect Sages using Juugo's cells, but I can defend Sasuke by Saying 1 that was only the Susanoo ribcage and two we have seen his Ribcage block attacks on a Much Larger Scale:

    Now about Killer B's Destructive power, yes Killer B has shown that he can break ground down a bit:

    But do you truly feel that the Raikage in which Sasuke's already blocked attacks from could not do an attack of such Destruction?
    I think your exaggerating the power of Killer B to try and equal his destructible power on the scale of Susanoo's Defense. Killer B is not break through Susanoo with just Taijutsu and with that single attack on Susanoo covered in Amaterasu Killer B would be engulf in the Enton flames and burn to death. Killer B attacks with his Body:

    Would mean attempting to cut limbs off would not work because their is to much of his body to cut for him to live. Sasuke Amaterasu also shows to engulf the entire body unlike Itachi's:

    Making Contact once would have Killer B Dead.

    Sending Chakra arms underground has been shown to leave the user stationary making him an easy target for Susanoo Arrow or Amaterasu.
    I just copied my other post.

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