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    Your oldest misconception about the Senju clan! But I will fix that, with PROOF!

    I have kept my silence this whole time about a certain misunderstanding about the manga.

    So everyone here thinks only the First two Hokage were from the Senju clan, mainly because of one little detail... their last names were Senju! Am I right? Yes, this is what most people believe. LOL! How naive can you really be? I have made various posts about this in the past in order to convince some.....without success, as everyone here is so frikkin hung up on a last name! But I have had the proof to prove that I am right all along, why didnt I do this before? Cuz I was lazy...

    Here is the undeniable proof!

    As you can confer from the above image....that according to history, Konoha was formed by only 2 clans! It has never been mentioned in the manga, that other clans from around the world came and joined the leaf village after its formation, and for good reason, because they never did! What you should have understood by now is that Konoha consisted of only 2 clans, the Uchiha and the Senju! Therefore....every clan that exists in Konoha today, is a direct descendant or a distant blood relative of the Senju clan, much like the Uzumaki clan!!

    I believe some people still wont be convinced from this, so I have another piece of proof for you all.
    In the following image, I want you all to look at the hair of the person who's face is being covered by Tobirama's hair, on his right:

    Look familiar?

    And furthermore, here is some more evidence to support my case:

    The Senju clan has one distinct trait, and it is NOT Mokuton! If Mokuton was part of the entire Senju clans Kekke Genkai, dont you guys think Tobirama would have it too? But he was a master of only Water type Jutsu!

    My point is....everyone in the Senju clan develops their own skills from their chakra, the only thing they all share together is the Will of Fire, which is love and the sense of protection they all feel for each other, the person with the strongest Will of Fire elevates himself and his own set of skills to an extremely high level and becomes the Hokage!

    I hope I have cleared all misconceptions with this, the bottom line is everyone in Konoha is a descendant of the Senju clan, and is potentially a Senju themselves, Hashirama and all the Hokages after him were just the strongest of the Senju clan, each of them, with their own unique set of skills!

    EDIT: If Naruto is not a Senju.....then why does he bear an exact resemblance to Hashirama's Grandson and Tsunade's Brother?

    Stop dawdling over last names and look at the bigger picture, I hope you all see it! As there is no way anyone can come up with any solid proof like I have.

    Now after I have proven everything with manga facts, if you want to prove me wrong you must do it with the same type of evidence. If you have nothing but your own reasoning and petty arguments about last names, then please by all means, leave this thread and stay naive for all I care!

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