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    Re: Your oldest misconception about the Senju clan! But I will fix that, with PROOF!

    Quote Originally Posted by AP2k View Post
    I see, so every mistake ever is you not caring, explains why your thread is crap.

    All of his "it's" didn't have an apostrophe, the one that did was one that i added to make his sentence grammatically correct.
    Its fairly obvious "too" me that you aren't even up to an 8th grade level yet, you are far from correcting anyone's grammar kid,lol

    BTW you haven't given any solid evidence to prove me wrong, just your own worthless opinion, for which I care even less.

    PS: no further responses, just GTFO and dont come back

    Quote Originally Posted by shogun973 View Post
    where does it say he's nara
    Dude it should be clear to you that hair styles and colors have a certain role in this manga. tell you what, why dont you show me another character from the manga who has hair like the nara's and i will believe you, and where does it say he is not a Nara?
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