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    2bios Vs 2bios

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    post your bios and you may go first
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    Re: 2bios Vs 2bios

    Shikaku Nara and Sasori, both in sig

    Shikaku Nara wearing his white Jar and came to the battle riding his giant bird "Prime" and Sasori were ready with his best creation the 3rd Kazekage and Goku puppet (left and right, lean on Sasori's back), prime fly in mid air where Sasori walking beneath them.

    So... Who do we gonna kill old champ?
    Relax Sasori, let's analyze the situation first

    Shinju: Shiro No Bin (Pearl Release: The White Jar)
    Type: Weapon
    Rank: S
    Range: Short
    Chakra: 40
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: A legendary Jar size of Gaara´s Jar, white with green markings made of solid pearl material which has been buried hundreds of years beneath the ocean and contains tens of unique shells with strong pearl chakra and they are able to keep producing little pearls where they live and bread inside the Jar, the Jar itself has been wielded by the Elders of Shells who have strong pearl chakra. Shells from the Jar are able to produce huge amount of pearls to keep unlimited amount of little pearls so the user of the Jar is able to manipulate pearls as his/her wish, the Elder of Shells always carried this Jar to the battle fields and merged his pearl chakra to the Jar so that he will be able to manipulate the pearls inside for many usage (attack, defense and supplementary), but the effect is the Jar drain the user chakra every time the user use it that’s why He passed down some of these Jars to those who have been loyal to the Shells kingdom and trained by the Elder himself how to use this Jar. The Elder made several of these Jars so that each user can have one Jar.

    -This Jar can be destroyed by a strong lightning jutsu
    -This Jar is considered as Weapon so the user cannot use his/her CW in the same battle he uses this Jar
    -Every time the user use pearl jutsu using this Jar, it will drain -10 chakra per turn
    - Can only be use for 10 turns max no more than that or the Jar will be destroyed afterwards.

    Shinju: P2 Katachidzukuru "Prime" (Pearl Release: P2 Shape "Prime")
    Type: Offensive/Supplementary
    Rank: A
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Damage Points: 60
    Description: The user will summon his giant shell or using his White Jar which it will throw out a giant pearl with size 25 feet long in diameter into the ground then the user perform 5 serial hand seal then push and placed his right hand into the giant pearl while his left hand hold his right wrist and yell “PRIME” to manipulate the giant pearl and shape it into a giant bird about 25 feet tall, Prime is the 2nd form of pearl level manipulation called the “P2”, prime able to fly into the sky high with his white wing in high speed similar speed with Deidara C2 Exploding Flying Dragon while the user ride it, Prime shape pale white and have the ability to shoot out rapidly pearl ball size of a basket ball from the sky into the opponent and the pearl ball will crush everything within the impact, prime also able to defend from similar rank jutsu using it wing.

    Note: can only be use 3 times
    Note: Must have Shells summoning contract
    Note: Can only last for 3 turn in field then auto disappear
    Note: No other pearl tech while the user ride Prime

    Sandaime Kazekage
    Rank: S
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: N/A
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: Sandaime Kazekage is Sasori’s favorite human puppet, as well as the most powerful, besides Sasori himself. The Kazekage had been kidnapped by Sasori over ten years ago, killed, and then turned into a puppet. The puppet, however, maintained the ability to manipulate sand and iron sand, just as the Kazekage did, due to it being a human puppet. This puppet, also, has many other abilities, such as the Thousand Hands Manipulation. The puppet also is able to release iron sand from its mouth, allowing it to use iron sand jutsu with that as a source. There is also a magnetic apparatus in its left chest compartment.
    Note: Only usable by a Sasori character.


    Rank: S-Rank Puppet
    Name: Goku
    Link to bio:
    Link to the fight:

    Description: This puppet able to use Rain release and normal Genjutsu and Ninjutsu Goku puppet is kept in a scroll that's stuck on Sasori's back, and he can be summoned by Sasori as Sasori wants to.
    ~Note: Can only be wielded by Sasori, and Sasori has to be owned by Oasis Nara

    There they are, humm... they are so ugly no ?
    Shut up Sasori. don't let your guard down boy.

    Then Shikaku Throw 3 kunai's each toward both of you

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