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    Mistranslation of the ending quote of #604

    Ok, I've seen a load of posts regarding the ending quote of #604. Most of them (all of them) are wrong. The scanlators seemed to be doing a decent job for the last couple of months, but they seem to have f*cked it up here.

    The exact Japanese is; オビトとカカシ、交差する眼…!次 週 へ…

    Which translates to; Obito and Kakashi, their intersecting eyes...! Next week...

    This pretty much means that the next manga is either going to show us how Obito sees stuff from Kakashi's point of view or Obito facing Kakashi about the happenings with Rin. It's meant to be vauge. That quote is meant to excite people, not give them spoilers.

    That's it.

    It doesn't mean "the crossing of their fates" or ''crossing eyes" or anything.
    So please quit using mistranslations to try to prove points.

    Cheers and out!
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