Now don't get the title mistaken. Their are plenty of anime series and even in real life situations where the fundamental of water is an importance with great strengths. But in the Naruto world, it practically is useless. Here is why:

1) Water nature is effective against Fire...but according to the Naruto World: Fire can also be effective in evapourating Water. We've seen Fire do that job plenty of times.

2) Besides the Uchiha, who else utilizes Fire in the Naruto World? & even the Uchiha themselves have occular eye jutsu's to back them up against a single water jutsu fighter. Judging from how much water-based soldiers were required to extinguish Edo-Madara's fire based jutsu alone during the beginning of his summon.....I can leave this subject immediatly.

3) Earth nature absorbs water either through plant or mud. In real life however, there are different variations of Earth elements which are absolutely Weak against water but of course lets stick with the Naruto World. So Earth takes the champion belt home.

4) Lighting feeds, grows and sharpens her whole body from the waist line on water. Lol just look what happened to Suigetsu when he was hit with Darui's Lightning. He was completely paralyzed like a Game Boy Pokemon Magikarp against a Raichu.

5) Good old Wind. Well, I think this is neutral. But then again, if the wind is strong enough, it could direct the water back to the user:confused: Can you imagine drowning by your own saliva:shrug:

So my point is, that the only purpose for water in the Naruto Universe is to be used as a stepping stool for kekkei genkais. From Ice (Which also sucks by the way if you do your research) to Wood or Boil release. The rest of the other elements have a greater purpose and ordinary users can go further in battle by using any 1 of the elements besides water. So much for the hidden mist village! What you guys think?