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    A fantasy story Chapter 14 Part1

    Past chapters:
    Chapter 1 : 1 - 2 - 3
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    Here's a character backstory:
    Gary: the pervert Protagonist, partially lost his memory, he tries to get his memory back by returning to the Empire, he's excelled at mixing elemental affinities with his katana sword beside summoning deities from another world.
    Ame: the sweet imp-princess she tries to help Gary restore his memory, with her healing abilities and water element use.
    Genji: the logical-speaking guy, he doesn't -like everybody else- what tribe he's, he got expelled from his village because of his appearence and ability to suck people energy and ability to control trees, he joined this journey to find out more about himself.
    Eduna:a mysterious priestess she seems to know as much as Julius does, she joined the rebellion war against the tyrant.
    Rose: the french speaking Fairy, she's more pervert than Gary she joined the group for fun, she has the power to charm any male, she has sensorial abilities, and wide magical abilities.
    Ignius: a man who've been cursed by Julius into a hideous dragon-man he seeks to avenge from Julius.
    Zhein: Gary's friend and adoptive brother who've been kidnapped but saved by the Tyrant' chancellor, he now on the good side.
    Julius: the Tyrant Chancellor, he's a mysterious man, with mysterious motives, his powers are unique, he tries to bring peace without looking at the cost, he is revealed to be an ancient deity that wants to bring all world to nothingness.
    Kalina: Gary's mother and the best known earth manipulator on the main land.
    magia: the type energy that's used to cast magic skills

    I'm sorry :ghehe: this time I won't be able to post 1part/day because of my examintations
    ************************************************** **********************************************
    Eduna pinned Halmius to the wall and trying to stab him in the face, he hand passed through his head with ease, but like when someone is awakening from a dream she felt ,opening her eyes on Rose holding her wrist…

    "mamie! Wake up!" Rose said to her friend…

    Eduna was confused because she sees Halmius unharmed in front of them, with her hand on her left eye "what happened?" she asked…

    "you were charmed!" Rose answered "but it was a very weak illusion how couldn't you figure it out?"the fairy added…

    The priestess apologized "Sorry, I'm not myself today…"

    "then pull yourself togather mamie, this guy is strong" the fairy answered….

    "finished the chitchat?" Halmius asked in an insulting accent….

    Rose got angered and rushed toward her enemy but Eduna prevented here, and stood in front of her "Roselline, please run away I'll take care of him on my own!" preparing her lightning fist again…

    "oh …using holy element!" Halmius was imressed of Eduna's lightening technique…"but mine is stronger" he pulls another black blade and pin it in the ground passing white shiny magia current through it…

    The land shaked and buildings started to move, trees and flowers grown larger and monsterious the whole town seemed to be alive, houses seemed more flexible as they cornered the two girls trying to stomp them, Eduna carried Rose and float in the air…

    "what has just happened?! I thought you said Julius can't create souls?" Rose asked…

    "He is far skilled than me in using Holy element, while I only use it to form lightening and healing spells, he can transform his magia into an independant life force" Eduna answered…

    Rose didn't get the idea clearly "then we are facing a whole raging city now?" said the fairy who jumped from the priestess hands and float along with her….

    "yes and he'll get the upper hand if anyone of us get caught, so please run away!" Eduna ordered Rose…

    Halmius looked at them from below and said "not so fast!" as he formed a strange hand sign and sent more life force through his blade, and the borders of the city rised and closed the town on the two girls like the whole city is turned into a globethat trapped Eduna and Rose inside it….

    "mede! He trapped us!" Rose complained…

    "Roselline! Stay behind me!" Eduna showed worries about her friend…

    Two giant towers emerged from the ground headed straightly toward the girls, Eduna quickly used her lightening charged sword to cut one tower in two but she was slow, so the other tower swallowed her, Rose created a spinning wind magia blade and cut through the "neck" of the tower, entered through the hole looking for Eduna, flying through this strange structure evading sudden emerging pillars, but she got trapped in a dead end, the wall flexibly wrapped her and sharp spears of earth were heading toward her but in the very moment Eduna cut through them freeing her friend…

    "Mamie!" Rose shouted in joy…

    "Roselline, are you alright?" she asked her friend…

    "yes, but if we don't get out of here soon will be dinner for this creepy place!" Rose answered…

    Eduna closed her eyes and reopened them, but this time they weren't the ordinary light blue eyes instead they became yellow snake-like "back off!" she ordered Rose, and spitted a large ball of crimson fire with purple flames, that on their mere contact with the walls turned them to dust…

    "wow! Amazing!" Rose was so surprised of this technique…"mamie! What kind of fire element is this?" the fairy asked the priestess…

    Eduna ignored her and headed straightly to Halmius charging at him with her purple lightning rapier, he blocked her attack gazing in her eyes saying "that's it …I want to see the demon of empire!" pushing her away, she stopped her fall and stood, Rose joined her…

    "mamie! He's taunting you! Don't listen to him" Says worried Rose…

    Eduna scolded her saying "silence! young Roselline!" , she then turns to Halmius and shouted "that's it! You want to see the demon of empire…you'll see it!"

    Eduna formed a circle with her hands in fron of her mouth and released a vast cloud of cursed flames, Halmius ordered the land to block it, but the fire effect was instant turning what it touches into ashes, Halmius removed the mask on his mouth and released a huge wave of shining blue water that extinguish the raging cursed flames…

    Eduna stood in shock that her invincible emperial fire technique was blocked, and more surprised to see the real face of Halmius saying "He…Heins!"…

    Rose exclamated "Heins! mean the man you loved?" asked the fairy…

    Halmius giggled saying "hehehe…I couldn't expect less reaction from my honey…" mocking Eduna..

    Rose got angered and insulted her enemy "Salauds! Stop playing on Eduna's mind"….

    Eduna felt huge stress in her head, she removed her cloack, and wrapped her wings, her hands and legs grown claws scales …

    Rose grabbed her hand and said while shedding tears "Mamie! I don't know what are you going to use, but don't use it! it'll make you loose more control over yourself!"…

    Eduna felt a bit of releif and smiled at Rose "well then we'll beat him the old style" she picked six talismans attached to each other with a thin string, she dissambled one and stick it in Rose's arm "here, make your gravity bomb ready when I give you the signal" said Eduna…

    Halmius pulled two small siver blades and threw one to a pond and the other below his feet, charging them with life force, the water and the soil around those blades gathered and reformed as identical replicas of Halmius, who said "well gentlemen the ladies want some fun here…."

    Eduna grabbed her sword tightly "Roselline, we'll have to seperate!", Rose smiled and said "Aye…mamie!" flying back, water Halmius flied and started chasing her, while the earth scion chased Eduna…

    It was a mid air chase, the water user started to shoot condensed aquatic beams at the fairy who switly eveaded them, the buildings rearranged and started to trap the heroine in a pipe maze, the villian used this advantage to send a huge water drilling spear at Rose, she clapsed her hands togather the moment the lance hit her, the dust is gone and three replicas of her, "in your face!…." Said it with smiling, and so the three copies spread around, the water user had nothing but to chase one of them through the emerged pipes until he trapped her in a dead end, pulling his blade and quickly stabbing her, she disappeared revealing that she was nothing but a faint, he turns around to get hit by a huge gravity bomb from Rose, but his liquid body let the attack pass through him, she got stabbed but again it was a fake, the water Halmius felt anger and released a huge water explosion that destroyed the pipe maze, Rose's location was revealed, she tried to form a spell but he was to fast he nearly landed his weapon on her she disappeared and one of Eduna's talisman tags appeared instead of her to take the hit.

    Rose was teleported near Eduna who was in the middle of an intense sword battle with the earth Halmius, slashing and dashing each other, they seemed equal Eduna sensed something so she quickly retreat while a huge wind circular saw cut through the earth user's left hand, it was thrown by Rose who seemed to be a bit drained out of magia, Eduna quickly rejoined her and passed some power to her "thanks mamie" Rose thanked her friend…

    Halmius joined his replicas, Eduna came up with a plan, Rose noticed her and asked "mamie, do you have a plan?"…

    Eduna answered with "yes, but how much copies can you make?"…

    "three but they won't be stable more than one minute" Rose added…

    Eduna charged more dark lightning to her rapier, and ordered Rose "Roselline make a dust cloud"…

    Rose blown a guts of wind from her palms to make a dust screen, the three enemies set there blades and made a distance between each other, suddenly two dark lightning charged spinnig rapiers came out toward the original Halmius, but he repelled them with a strange spell, each one headed to one of the copies, but they were dodged easily, at the very moment Rose charged at Halmius with her staff he blocked her easily using his black rapier, she thrown two tags in the air and jumped back shouting "mamie!" she suddenly dissapeared and a rapier appeared instead of her, she was teleported right above the earth copy landing him a monsterious gravity bomb crushing him into dust, simulatingly Eduna did the same and appeared above the water copy slicing him in two with her rapier "no we didn't finish yet!" Eduna shouted, and the two talismans who were falling slowly in front of Halmius were replaced by Eduna and Rose who in a flash were about to land there strongest attack to their enemy, but he unleashed a powerful light shine repelling each one of them violently to a different direction…

    Rose was immobilized from pain due to her weak build, Halmius approached her "well since Eduna honey is immortal I'll be in no need to you" said the villian pointing his blade to her, he charged at her but in the very moment she was replaced by Eduna who took the stab in her chest… Halmius was impressed noticing the tagged talisman "a replacement spell, so that's how you were able to switch and teleport in this battle, quite impressing" he commented…

    Rose hardly stood on her feet noticing her friend stabbed, in shock she rushed into Halmius, but he repelled her again "futile!" he mocked the fairy…

    Eduna spoke at Rose "Roselline! Please run!"…

    Rose answered "I'll never give up! Mamie! We'll defeat this bastard!"…

    Eduna eyes scleras turned blood red "damn it! Roselline! I can't control myself anymore! If you stay here I'll hurt you!" she shouted at Rose…

    Rose sensed darkness from Eduna who started to bleed from every cut in her body, Halmius retreat and commented "True…show me Marcelline…show me darkness…Show me the demon!"…

    Eduna's blood evaporated covering her body in a crimson sphere, then turned into a blood red blob, with six shiny red eyes appearing and a huge snake tail emerged from the blob, and from that chaos a rageous roar is heard…

    To be continued

    ************************************************** **********************************************

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    Re: A fantasy story Chapter 14 Part1

    Awesome dude i want more keep me updated

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    Re: A fantasy story Chapter 14 Part1

    Great ^^ keep it up!

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    Re: A fantasy story Chapter 14 Part1

    awesome chapter

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    Re: A fantasy story Chapter 14 Part1

    sweet man

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    Re: A fantasy story Chapter 14 Part1

    Nice I love it man can't wait till next one keep it up

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    Re: A fantasy story Chapter 14 Part1

    Awesome chapters man
    Now to the next one! ^_^

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    Re: A fantasy story Chapter 14 Part1

    Good stuff, and you've adapted to this style very well. ^_^ Of course, there's grammar errors, but everything made sense.

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