SPEED: Sasuke in no way can get past gaara's ultimate defense like he did in the chuunin exams. We saw gaaras sand was fast enough to intercept the raikage in v2. That alone speaks for the speed his sand is capable of.

TAIJUTSU: A worthless category for a fight involving sasuke vs gaara as sasuke does not nearly possess the speed needed to even beak through gaaras defense.

KIRIN: At best kirin which couldn't even beak through the most basic sussannoo rib cage is not going to harm gaara. The fact of the matter is at best the sand will turn to glass. Gaara is capable of defending himself from it with a mass of sand. Not to mention the time it takes for sasuke to generate the amount of heat necessary for KIRIN is enough time for gaara to crate sand like he did with kimmimaro in order to defend himself.

AMATERASU: At best Amaterasu is not getting to gaara in the slightest way. His ultimate defense has already been shown to block Amaterasu something only A was able to accomplish by using body flicker plus v2.

Sussannoo: we have seen how gaara can manipulate the sand underneath sussannoo in order to drag out the user. This can be done effectively and easily due to the fact that gaara can crate a desert and continue to fight as seen with kimmimaro

Sussannoo arrows: Gaara has shown that he has the capability to deflect powerful physical attacks like kimmimaro hardest bone. If gaara wishes he may use that sand defense again plus he can sense with sand therefore eliminating the need for sight. The arrow is not going through the density of the sand. Matter of fact gaara can cause a tsunami of sand if you will and completely cover sussannoo and crush it under the desserts pressure depending on what form it is.

Tsukuyomi: This is the issue that gaara has. however it can be easily bested by sensing with the sand which he had been shown to do or not looking in his eyes.

It's not that sasuke is weak but he has nothing on gaara. I only intended this thread to be about speed but I figured why not crush anything sasuke can do against gaara. This isn't intended on starting a flame war either. Sorry about not including pictures or links I'm on a phone lol.