Till now nobody exactly knows how Hashirama died apart from the claim that he died from the many wars after his last one with Madara. Well they both were on top of the Shinobi World and no one could even come close to them. So how in the world did he die? He was a medical-nin which provided him that an extremely fast regenerative power without even using hand signs in case he sustained any sort of injury. Moreover he had an overwhelming Chakra reserve probably the highest as claimed by many including Madara himself. SO HOW?
Looking at the present scenario, KABUTO has found a way to suppress Hashi's chakra with some kind of poison(what he did to Yamato). BUT back then nobody could have developed such a remedy against HASHI's ABILITIES or TECHNIQUES.
Or was the anyone whom we dont know or is it a plot that Kishi's going to reveal?
Kishi needs to explain this.