Remember how angry he became at Danzo after discovering how many of his late clan's sharingans were on his arm? Well, after he meets these "ones who know everything," its a given that he will realize what Tobito had done after the Uchiha massacre and the reason why. This will DEFINETLY PISS HIM OFF OR he may remain calm about it with the intentions of meeting up with Tobito to give him his final Seppuku. Another thing to add fuel to the fire is his false testimony of him being Madara with a goal of trying to protect their clan. The main purpose of this false testimony was to use both Sasuke & Itachi to capture chakra beasts in order to fulfill his selfish goal. So as of right now Tobito is fighting both Gai & Kakashi in which Gai may or may not release his 9th gate chakra. This fight will not only exhaust Tobito, but will definetly have both Kakashi & Gai on the floor with practically no energy. Then right before Tobi tries to finish them, Sasuke arrives to the scene. Of course, Tobito will probably try to bring his fake Uchiha brotherhood attitude to Sasuke but then he will eventually get a fatal wound from Sasuke in which he tells him all that he has learned about him. Right from that point the incomplete beast inside the Gezo will be released. Hopefully Bee doesn't get captured since Samehada is one of the key instruments in fighting a beast like that. I think that's the only reason why Kishi left the sword in the manga series as opposed to it being destroyed along with Kisame.

In your opinions, do you think this is a possibility?