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    Who can beat Oro

    Orochimaru's main ability is that he doesnt die from cutting or ripping attacks because a new body is produced from the shell of the old one. With this ability in mind I have came up with a list (and reasoning) of specific people who could almost certainly take Oro.

    Note: Im sure im missing some but im refering to ones who could do it pretty easily.

    1. Naruto. Rasenchuriken is a terrible attack for Oro as it attacks the cellular level so he would be unable to produce another from the previous one. Every cell in his body will be pierced so he cannot simply shed his skin. (also TBB)
    2. Itachi. Obvious
    3. Possibly sasuke. I know people say he is stronger than itachi and im not dissagreeing my point about him is im not sure if he A. has tsukuyomi and B. if Oro can break it. If sasuke's tsukuyomi doesnt work he doesnt really have any super effective techs against oro besides Kirin but that is one shot and he can hide under ground.
    4. minato/ prime hiruzen. In their prime they could both use RDS and kill him (hiruzen was old and weak so it didnt work well)
    5. (possibly the most contriversial) Garaa. His sand can crush Oro there is no way to shed his skin because he can be fully encased in a sand coffin or any other tech's involving immense pressure.
    6. Tsuchikage. Jinton would be able to dismantle Oro at an atomic level. (no coming back from that)

    Im excluding OP's like Hashi and Madara.

    Oro's strenght is against cutting/tearing tech's but against crushing and obliterating jutsu his skin shedding is useless as they take care of the entire body so he cant just shed the injury. and obviously genjutsu.

    if you disagree please use proof/logic all of my threads are based off logic and science so i would appreciate some reasoning behind comments
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