well i think it was foreshadowed when shikamaru told sakura that they had to take saauke out, also it was shikamarus first mission as leader and it failed. shikaku lectured shika about standing up for friends rather than running away and shika was always cool with naruto before everyone else ( shikaku encouraged him to be since he was close to minato). and he never really liked sasuke.

basically what im getting at is shikamaru is leading the konoha 11 into a battle with sasuke, i say this because they have yet to show up on the battlefield (which would be suicide imo) and since sasuke has left kabutos little cave his chakra is no longer hidden from the sensors and neither is oros who id assume hq would recognize instantly.

sasuke will fodderize k11 because kishi wants to show the extent of his ems. at least thats my opinion where else would they be and how could hq not notice sasuke and oro who are probably headed to konoha?