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Basic Information
Name: The name of this being is rather complex to most, but also very simple. People have had time to use the ''S'' within his name as the wrong pronounced caution. His name is simply Sigma, similar to the Greek letter within the Alphabet. So he is known as Sigma Kaguya.
Nickname: Names have not been given to him in pure jest yet and, he indeed tends to keep it that way. For no matter how kin one's friendship is he will never accept the fact to be called another Aliases besides his actual birth name he was created from. Those that try or attempt usually refer to him as Sig-Chan. Which seemingly causes irritation to high extents annoying him quicker than any sole purpose on this planet.
Gender: Of course he takes the shape of a man, so in that very instant he is of male species. Having the reproductive organs to reproduce or have sexual relations, he prefers not to most of the time. For he has other things in life to do than pound the crap out of a few and cause a certain like pleasure to emerge.
Age: September 21 would be his birth date. Making him a virgo.
Clan: Kaguya Clan. That of the Kaguya are simply said to possess the ability known as Shikotsumyaku: which means "Dead Bone Pulse". It is a bloodline trait on pure extinct to freely cause manipulation on the Chakra and bone like structure within their bodies. Mixing and melding the calcium to create an entity of bones as their weapon of choice for combat, or defense reasoning. The Clan Itself could manipulate the growth and properties of their bones to their liking as well. So in terms if one wanted to rip out their spine in combat and use it as a whip lash of sorts, the clan member can use their remaining energy, control even manifest it in order to cause a form of regeneration to replace the structure that was removed in combat. The members who possess the Shikotsumyaku abilities have a different body structure than others so most genetic information even material cannot be properly matched.

Looks: Sigma of the Kaguya
takes the form of a young man around Thirteen or fourteen years of mortal age. As one might expect from such a youthful appearance, he doesn't break the five-and-a-half-foot barrier with his height. Instead, he stands just under it like a teenager who got the short end of the genetic lottery. His short stature and relatively thin frame don't actually detract from his striking appearance, however. With deep, dark blue eyes and Light-Green hair or silver (if dyed), Sigma could be considered quite attractive if he happened to care at all about such things. As it happens, he doesn't, and his good looks come as naturally as his ability to fight, and he never puts any effort into improving upon the base that luck has given him. That's not to say that he isn't attractive - he is - it just happens to be entirely natural and without any additional effort. The Light-Green hair upon his head flows backwards in a way similar to the "suit" or stereotypical "wallstreet" looks, making it seem combed despite it actually being the natural direction of his hair follicles. Sometimes when he is not feeling to go for that rich boy look, he just wears it messy. Like any other member of the Kaguya Clan Sigma maintains the clothing of his people. Just unaltered within his style...

Unlike others, however, he adamantly and completely refuses to modify the uniform as a price for his failures in the past. While many of the Insane crazies have issued different aesthetic changes to their white Robe. Sigma's is quite plain, with long sleeves and a black divider line down the precise middle of the outfit. The only interruption to this line is around his Bare skin, which is in the center of his chest. It continues on after the end of the pale structure of skin until it reaches the bottom of the Robe and the black sash of the uniform. Said sash is, like the Robe, entirely unaltered. Barring black shinobi like shoes, that serve for balance and instant grip on specific area's.

Personality: Sigma's personality is colored by his failure to slaughter a sole Enemy who had threatened his friends in battle nearly a few years ago. While those particular friends have long since been killed and their deaths avenged by Sigma himself, the fact that the one Being escaped retribution has caused an irrational and permanent feeling of guilt, which he atones for with every waking second. This Aspect of Death has caused him to become one of the more docile Entity in the caste system. He has no intentions of advancing for he has, no driving wish for power, and no hatred towards those stronger than him - all strange things for a creature like this being, let alone any Kaguya. Those who give him orders find his will to atone beneficial, as he follows logical demands without question. However, should anyone, including a Being of lower level or even High, threaten or hurt one of his Family even Friends, Sigma becomes an unstoppable force of retribution who would sooner die than let such actions go unpunished. This train of thought and action is the most obvious manifestation of his guilt towards the unpunished Beings of the past.

Village Info.
Village of Birth: Like any other Kaguya clan member one would be birthed and originate from the Village of Mist. Due to their manifesting actions of war. It had lead them astray and to their short lived demise. You can say during the chaotic times of foolishness Sigma was born out of it. Sure his birth home is the mist and with Kaguya, but at the time the child was given up. Thrown into a basket and sent away to the sea's. Eventually appearing within the leaf Village, where he decided to learn and form his Alliance with.
Village of Alliance: The Leaf village, and Land of fire. He has rarely no connections to mist, because he hardly knows of it. Just as he hardly knows of his clan. Sigma only knows little aspects of his people, such as the clothing type and abilities due to reading and personal experience. However the Kaguya is not fully documented due to their greedy actions for power, leading to their deaths.

Rank//Chakra Info.
Ninja Rank: Genin
Specialty: Taijutsu
Elements: None
Your ninjutsu: Dance of Camellia is the only known jutsu of the boy so far and very basic.

Background Info.
Dusk. The ever reliable transition from day to night, light to dark. Despite whatever troubled the world, whatever tore at the soul, whatever drove men to fields of life and death with a zealous lust for slaughter, despite everything, that sallow orb would always sink beneath the horizon. Consistency, predictability. Things for which we eternally yearn in search of some basic commodity that, despite what history's scribes and prophets have penned and spoke, we will never truly achieve. Peace. Never can man, wholly without objection, rely upon himself to go about even a single day without disruption. But despite such curses of variation, one can always depend upon that sun to set when the proper time has arrived. It was with this same dependability that the mortal namesake to this celestial shift engaged in battle.Quick fleeting motions! Such fast, such unbelievable, such quick fleeting motions! A rapturous heartbeat rendering a forceful rhythm in clashing cacophony. A women had screamed near distance. Flames of the candle withered away shortly after the scream had died down. Flickering, struggling to keep light around the women and those inside the room. It soon was put out, leaving the distant light from the skies appeal to consume the beings within the small birthing place. Small cries had formulated surrounding few with joy, indicating a Child was born. Cleaning the Child and getting a small basket ready. The beings clothed the baby, and put it into the basket. Walking towards the lake that would lead to the ocean. This being pushed at the basket motioning it towards the Sea. Hopefully this Child would be found and given a home away from the chaotic affairs that subjected those of the mist village. A foggy substance had engulfed the area soon the beings gone from personal view as well, as the faint Basket. Within minutes or so, currents would push along the basket, causing the child to fall into absolute slumber. Within Hours and seconds the Basket was picked up from the ocean by wandering beings out of curiosity. Opening it, they found a child. A seemingly beautiful baby boy. The two beings motioned themselves back to their village, the place they had called home. Soon a name had been given to the child, a name that would be cherished. Sigma. Eventually growing up, the Child would be put through hard trails of the world that shaped his personality, the ability to lose, gain, and even not care.


Theme Song and Background Music: War of change by thousand foot krunch


Won: none