Basic Information
Name:D. Dragon
Nickname: The Revolutionary
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Clan: Kaguya


He is often seen with a tense look companied by a sadistic grin. He is rarely never seen grinning or smiling. Dragon has slightly, contrasting to his son.

When not in battle, Dragon can be seen wearing a black, hooded cloak. Under the cloak, he wears a white, collared zip-up shirt, similar to what Sasuke wears. Around his waist, he wears a large red sash. The shirt is tucked into the shirt. He wears black pants with large pockets that end just under his knees and black sandals.

His most striking feature is a large, dark red tribal tattoo that covers most of the left side of his face.
Dragon, unlike most D's, has a dislike for the concepts of destiny and faith. This dislike stems from a love for freedom, whereas he believes that everyone has the freedom to decide their own path and make their own choices. This love of freedom has also caused him to believe that one shouldn't ridicule another based on who they are related to.

Dragon can be very friendly despite his fierce demeanor. He can also be very cold and will tell people what they need to hear rather than what they want to.

Despite being a Kaguya, he doesn't have a lust for battle and murder, but still enjoys fighting a lot.

His favorite foods are candy, alcohol and like his son, meat.

Village Info. Village of Birth: Kirigakure
Village of Alliance:

Rank//Chakra Info. Ninja Rank: Sage by posts
Specialty: Wind, Water, Lightning
Basic 5 Mastered with the exception of AACT, which is in progress.
Your ninjutsu:

Background Info. History:
Dragon, like most Kaguya members, was born in Kirigakure. As a child, he was scrutinized among the clan for not being a cold killer and a lover of violence. This scrutiny caused him to hate the clan and isolate himself from it.

He enrolled in the academy of Kirigakure and was one of the top of his class, fighting with fierceness.

When Dragon found out that in order to graduate, he must slaughter his classmates, he grew furious and refused to kill. As his comrades killed each other, Dragon's hate for Kiri began to grow. Eventually, he was among the last two left. Refusing to fight on those terms, Dragon took the beating, retaining critical injuries. Severly wounded, his unconscious body was discarded, as he was believed to have died. However, his ideals didn't go to vain, as people in Kiri began to question the ways of Bloody Mist.

As he layed dying, a family outside of Kirigakure took him in and nursed him back to health. Dragon was extremely grateful to the family, and offered to repay them, but they said there was no need.

Sometime between these events and the Kaguya revolt, Dragon met a younh woman and had a brief affair, resulting in Dragon having a child. He named the child Luffy. However, as Dragon could never enter Kiri again, he was unable to raise Luffy.

Years later, Dragon was confronted by the Kaguya clan, who wanted him to help with the revolt. Dragon refused despite his love for battle and hate for Kiri due to his belief that if he killed innocent people, he wouldn't be any better than the concepts of Kiri that he loathed. The fact that he rebelled against his own clan and the village with his life as a risk earned him the moniker "The Revolutionary" among the Kaguya.

A few days after the failed revolt, he learned that Luffy's mother had died. Fearing the worst for his son, he infiltrated Kiri and did some spying undercover. Finding no one that could confirm his son's survival, he flew into a rage. Donning his cloak and tattoo for the same time, he attacked Kiri, using his Wind jutsu to destroy buildings. Hearing that the strong ninja of the village was after him, he fled the village.

He went back to the family that had saved him and asked them to take care of Luffy for him in the event that he was alive. Sure enough, Luffy was alive and would later be raised by the family.

Dragon traveled a lot, learning many jutsu. Eventually, he arrived in Sunagakure. He spent a lot of his life there. After hearing that Luffy was alive and lived in Kumo, he defected and joined Kumo.

He currently resides there and plans to learn his clan's abilities. He has also gotten himself a sword exactly like Sasuke's but with a red blade and purple handle. He keeps the sword in a sheath that is held in his sash.



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