This is the second part of my 1st thread on "How to better view are perspective on the Threads we see and how can it affect us." Link -*

How to better are perspective of the rules and regulations of Naruto Base and how does it affect us.

The basic thing we all must consider is the know the rules. Human governments require that there subjects learn and obey laws of the land. It only seems reasonable, then, that we are expected to learn and obey the rules and principles that govern this site. Human laws are often considered flawed and may be unfair. In contrast, we all are imperfect. Do we consider the information and rules we receive and read it? The only way we can learn is to study it ourselves. Nobody else can do this for us.

To remain as sincere members we need not only to know the standards but also love them. Many citizens of human governments "say" that they agree with the laws and standards of the country in which they live. However, when they find a requirement to be convenient and feel that nobody is looking, they break the law. Often, these people are "men pleasers". True members live by higher a standard. We gladly obey the rules even when no one is looking. Why? Cause we love this site.

How can we know weather you truly understand the rules? Examine the way you react when you receive counsel about what you feel is a personal preference. What if a moderator was to tell you that your preference in your comments and threads is causing a serious problem and offense to a number of members in the base. How would you respond? Would you become defensive, resentful, or stubborn? A foundation of rules and regulations is something we should imitate. "Let each of us please his neighbor in what is good for his upbuilding." (Rom. 15:2, 3) For the sake of peace in the base. A mature member is willing to yield without resentment to the consciences of others.

Those who ignore warnings issued by the staff inevitably cause harm to themselves and to there fellow members. Some people may delude themselves into thinking that people will not see what they are doing. How foolish to believe into thinking that we can not what they are doing! We want to help such ones and try to assist them. However just as a human government can revoke citizenship of a person who commits certain acts, Moderators will revoke the reputation of those who break the standards. But we can change. We can regain a good standing not only to ourselves but you others as well and continue to remain as a full fledge Naruto Base member. What an honor to be a part of this! I thank everyone!