Thought about possible destinations for Taka + Oro, and Konoha seems most likely. The Nara shrine is possible and possibly Obito's lair. It is, as Oro said, a place they "both know well". Sasuke obviously wants to speak to his parents. Stands to reason their corpses were buried in the village of Konoha. If Sasuke and Oro are headed to Konoha now, they will likely run into the K11 as they are running to where Naruto is. Naruto is too preoccupied with Madara and Obito to even possibly come rescue them.

I think they are headed to a place that only Orochimaru knows of, perhaps only he knows where the first Hokage is buried. After all, the scroll might contain a way of unsealing people, maybe the Kage can be resurrected from the scroll's power. In any case, I think that Taka will run into K11 and combat will ensue.

Sasuke will probably be forced to go back on his "promise" to Naruto and kill some of them first, since they obviously aren't going to get out of his way easily. My guess is that some minor character deaths will set Naruto over the edge and force him to actually fight Sasuke with the intent to kill.

My vote is Kiba. It'd be sad if he killed Shikamaru (let's face it, he's fodder at this point) or Rock Lee, Neiji or Hinata. Even for this Sasuke hating forum, I think we can all agree Sasuke + Oro >> K11 without Naruto, right?