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Hiruzen: Hey Minato...

Minato: Shut up.

Tobirama: Sure looks like you messed up big time once again...

Minato: Shut up.

Hashirama: Let's see here, first you let Obito 'die' and go all Darth Vader and now you've got the fan favorite killing little girls. Quite impressive.

Minato: Shut up.

Tsunade: Oh are we making fun Goldilocks? Tripping, what have I missed?

Hiruzen: Oh nothing...he was just so damn sure he was the best Hokage there ever was and then we found out Obito was the main bad guy. Laughter ensued.

Tsunade: Well if you're looking for things to make fun of you should just point out the fact that he's NARUTO's father.

Tobirama: OOooOOOH BURN!

Hashirama: That's my little girl!

Minato: Shut up. Still the best. Still the sexiest.

Tsunade: Sexiest? Are you forgetting that like 90% of our viewers are male and I'm given two watermelons as a result of that?

Danzo: Come on guys, let me in!

Hashirama: Damn, it's Danzo! Everyone just stay quiet and...

Hiruzen: Goddammit Danzo this is a club for real Hokage! You lost to Sasuke! SASUKE! AND you got hit by shirken! No one gets hit by shuriken!

Minato: Not to mention the fact that you did even less than Tobirama! That's got to be a record or something!

Tobirama: Hey...

Danzo: Fine, I'll start my own club, with Senju DNA and Sharingan!

Hashirama: Yeah sure, it's not like we're seeing that everyday...

Tobirama: Yeah your DNA is really all over the place these days huh bro? By the way, does that mean you're also made up of that white gooey stuff?

Hashirama: No, that's what you get when you combine my super DNA with plants.

Hiruzen:...I'm not even going to begin explaining why that makes absolutely zero sense. From Metal Gear Solid to Naruto, I don't think the Japanese are very good at genetics...

Tsunade: Oh well, now that I'm here, I guess we can all agree that I'm the best Hokage so far!

Hiruzen: You left the village crying like an Uchiha

Minato: You contemplated cooperating with Orochimaru

Hashirama: One guy single-handedly destroyed the village

Tobirama: Literally torn apart by one man when you had four of the strongest living shinobi at your side AFTER your chakra had been restored.

Tsunade:...God I hate you guys.

Minato: I have a feeling you'll fit right in here!

Danzo:...So unfair...

Hiruzen: I told him not to implant Uchiha DNA...Now look at him.

The End