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    Crazy Prediction: The village elders make Kakashi kill Rin

    oh well.. there's so many prediction floating around, figured I should do one before manga comes out!

    The village elders ordered Kakashi to kill Rin (OR if she were about to be captured by enemy shinobi or similar situation.)

    Being in bad situation with the mist shinobi, Kakashi kills Rin. Rin gets surprised!

    Obitio finds out and grows a grudge against the Leaf village.(Not entirely on Kakashi or else he would have killed him by now or at least make attempt).

    Obito decides to destroy Konoha, hence also attack the village with the Ninetails. (Cause I dont understand how attacking the village with ninetails has anything to do with the moons eye plan. They didnt even capture the other beasts at that point of time. And why didnt Obito just leave once he got the Ninetails?)

    To be honest, I will be surprised if this actually happens. ! I am expecting something epic this wednesday :D
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