Itachi and Nagato not even close to top 5!

First off i start with Nagato.
Nagato was super strong! but don't make it more than that.!

read here:
as Tobi says "If Sasuke become stronger than Nagato" that was when he just got MS!

Kabuto sayed, he knew Nagato's lacked mobilit made him mush weaker!
this most be an after effect from using the 6path of pain.

them who would say: "Naruto got owned by Edo Nagato" seriously he was an EDO! he had unlimited charka and an immortal body!

Conclusion: as Tobi said Sasuke most now have become stronger than Nagato: Sasuke>Nagato live with it!

Itachi was very strong too, but he had a very small charka reserve.!
Kisame says it also dangeros for Itachi to use ms.
Here can you see Itachi used ms and a battle and the result is he is dying!

so please; people who's saying Itachi just can maintain Susanoo, please just stop it!

Conclusion: Sasuke>Itachi