Well we all know that Madara used Perfect susanoo on Hashirama but the question is how did he still lose? Well im thinking if Yamato who has 1/10 of Hashiramas mokuton power and can make a house from nowhere like the picture below and shape the wood to whatever size and shape he wants. Is it possible for Hashirama to make a huge Mokuton wood style warrior to match up to perfect Susanoo?! So if you think about it it can match up to perfect Susanoo and if it gets damaged it can regenerate and continue to fight.
This is just a Theory/idea I thought of and it does seem plausible to me. Please no flaming or spam this is MY THEORY/IDEA if you dont agree please explain why?
Thank you and have a nice day. :D
And for those that say I double posted NarutoBase was frozen momentarily so now im posting it again!