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    Basic Information:
    Name: Fuguki Suikazan
    Gender: Male
    Clan:Seven Swordsmen of the Mist(Not really a clan though)
    By far the tallest and largest member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, Fuguki's most distinctive trait was his fish-like appearance. He had small round eyes and like all the known members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, sharp jagged teeth. He had long, orange hair that reached into his back with some pinned up at the top. He also had six green stripes on his face. Attire-wise he wore the standard striped jumpsuit of Kirigakure, a black outfit over it as well as a white cloak/robe over it and Samehada strapped over his shoulder via a large belt decorated by a tassel. He also wore the Kirigakure forehead protector and standard shinobi sandals, and as with all the swordsmen of the previous generation, he had bandages wrapped loosely around his neck.
    Fuguki seemed to believe that protecting invaluable information from the wrong hands to be more important than the lives of comrades. He preached this to Kisame, telling him that he should take any action necessary in order to stop information about their village falling into enemy hands. Ironically, Fuguki betrayed his village, selling information to the enemies; this crime, coupled with Fuguki dropping his guard during a meeting, led to his near death at Kisame's hands.

    Village Information:

    Village of Birth:Kirigakure
    Village of Aliance: Kirigakure

    Rank/Chakra Info:
    Ninja Rank:Sannin
    Speciality:||Earth Release||Genjutsu||Samehada techniques||

    ~S Rank~

    Other Training
    || 萬 Ninjutsu:~Mastered~|| 拳 Taijutsu: B Rank || 根 Genjutsu: ~Mastered~ || 寄 Summoning: Giant Otters || Customs||

    Background Information:
    At some point in time, Fuguki assigned his subordinate Kisame, to the secret Cypher Division to serve as a bodyguard, ordering him to protect his comrades. However, he stressed that the codes that were important to the village are worth far more than the lives of his comrades. With this set of priorities, Kisame resolved to massacre his own team-mates when they were in danger of falling into the hands of Ibiki Morino during a mission to protect such valuable information.

    Later, Fuguki was revealed to have been leaking information to enemies, and was attacked by Kisame when he let his guard down during a meeting,Kisame defeated Fuguki and thought he was dead.Kisame then, became a member of the Seven Swordsmen, Yagura's direct subordinate and Tobi's accomplice.

    Other Information:
    • Samehada:
      (鮫肌; Literally meaning "Shark Skin") is a large sentient sword, comparable in size to the Kubikiribouchou. It is described as "the most terrifying of all the Seven Swordsmen's blades" and even earned the title of "greatsword" (大刀, daitou), further adding to its fearsome reputation. After Kisame Hoshigaki killed its former wielder Fuguki Suikazan, the blade came into his possession. The two had a long history together and during this period, confronted various renowned shinobi on several occasions, with their pairing leading Kisame to become regarded as a "Tailed Beast without a Tail" (尾を持たない尾獣, O o Motanai Bijuu). During Kisame's initial fight with Killer B, Samehada grew fond of the taste of Bee's particular chakra and ultimately betrayed Kisame. After Kisame's death, Samehada actually cries for him, not only bestowing the blade with even more lifelike characteristics but also, standing as a testament to the bond shared between the two. Samehada also can function as some kind of "backpack" as it holds several of Bee's swords and it contained Kisame himself for a long while.

      Though most of the time wrapped in bandages, Samehada's construction is atypical in that its actual blade is comprised from a series of downward facing scales running along the entirety of its length until its hilt, at the base of which is a small skull. Samehada grows larger in proportion to the amount of chakra it absorbs, causing its scales to become so long that they ultimately resemble shark fins and its mouth, located at the tip of the blade, to become even more pronounced. As the blade is made up of scales, it inflicts injuries through shredding or shaving what it comes into contact with, rather than just cutting the object in question. This flaying effect is similar to a shark's skin, hence the sword's name. While it ordinarily remains rigid, its hilt is able to stretch and bend to great extent, allowing the weapon to be used like a flail. Bee even used Samehada as a javelin with the intent of having it biting his opponent. Samehada is unique for being a sentient weapon that gains nourishment from the chakra of others and as such, the blade is at its happiest when engorged with chakra that possesses both a distinctive and pleasant flavour. It apparently greatly enjoys Killer B's chakra since it tastes like octopus. However, it has shown displeasure towards fire-type chakra because it's far too hot. Being capable of conscious thought, Samehada chooses its own user, an exclusive process that has often resulted in it being thought of as notoriously picky, which is clearly shown in the fact that it only goes after the ones with delicious chakra. If someone it disapproves of attempts to wield it, spikes protrude from the handle in order to force them to release their grasp, at which point Samehada will make efforts to return to its chosen owner. Although it continually consumes the chakra of its owner, her largest meals come from fights, wherein it absorbs the chakra of the opposition instead. Such an ability allows Samehada to literally slice through an opponent's techniques, in spite of whether the chakra has been transformed or not, and even prevent them from being performed by absorbing all of the necessary chakra. This was illustrated when Killer B was reduced back to Version 1 after initially being in Version 2. However, it seems to be unable to automatically absorb ambient chakra. Samehada has also the ability to transfer the chakra it has absorbed to the wielder, so it can be used to either regenerate injuries or replenish their chakra reserves. Kisame goes one step further with this fusion by completely merging with Samehada.
    • Rank: A
      Type: Supplementary
      Range: Short
      Chakra cost: N/A
      Damage points: N/A
      Description: Whenever the user is injured or exhausted, Samehada can restore the user to his maximum physical and chakra capacities by inserting chakra of its own into the user via its hilt. This skill of Samehada is so powerful it can even bring people that are mortally wounded and on the brink of death back to full health. During Kisame's fight with Bee, his entire chest area got destroyed, but Samehada healed him completely in a matter of seconds. When Bee had no chakra left after his battle with Kisame, Samehada gave him enough chakra to go into Version 1 and after Kisame was discovered by Naruto, Samehada replenished him completely even though he was weakened and only skin and bones after having nothing to eat for several weeks.
      Note: Can only be used 3 times per battle
      Note: Can only be used by Kisame, Killer Bee and Fuguki
      Note: It doesn't require any activiation of the user, Samehada itself does it of its "own accord" and thus doesn't count towards the three jutsu's, however the user can't use any jutsu while Samehada is doing it.

    • Rank: S
      Type: Defence/Supplementary
      Range: Short
      Chakra cost: 40
      Damage points: N/A
      Description: Samehada is truly a massive glutton who can eat large amounts of chakra in an instant. As a result it can devour entire jutsu's. Even in the case the jutsu is extremely wide, Samehada can absorb enough to keep the user safe. This was shown when Bee swung the sword vertically, cutting Itachi's fireball in half by eating the center part of the jutsu and letting the rest of the jutsu go past Bee on the left and right. The absorbing also happens very fast as Samehada was able to absorb several of Bee's attacks completely just before they would hit Kisame.
      Note: Can only be used 3 times per battle
      Note: Can only absorb up to S-rank jutsu's
      Note: Can only be used by Kisame, Killer Bee and Fuguki

    • Earth Release:
      Due to Fuguki's high level of mastery over earth techniques, he can perform all earth techniques with only a single hand seal.
    • Weapons
      Fuguki carries a variety of weapons. In his ninja pouch, he carries shuriken, kunai, explosive tags, flash and smoke bombs, ninja wire, and all the other items essential for a ninja.Fuguki also carries two folded Windmill Shuriken in his backpack. He also carries a basic katana.The basic ninja tools are concealed in multiple pockets and pouches located around his waist.

    Pictures: See above

    Theme Song and Background Music: /

    Battle Information:

    Dropping my Fu bio if approved.

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