I want to know if theres anything I can do about having a closed thread.

I'm talking about the Sai > Narutoverse thread.
It was an incredibly valid point that got spammed by the very people the thread was parodying. It's now closed because idiots could not tell what the thread was about despite MANY replies to people that i'm not a 'Retard' or a 'troll' or a 'fanboy' and it's become ridiculous.

Is this forum trying to imply that we should all just worship nothing but the overpowered characters? That all it takes in this community is a susanoo or some senju DNA or something? If so, i'm really not one of you. Sorry.

Can it be undone by a moderator or anybody? It'd be nice as I worked hard on writing that thread and dealing with the idiots on it who couldn't read. Thanks.