One of my absolute favourite Visual Kei bands!
I often say I like that which is good, but the songs these guys makes are all almost good to my ears!

If you know visual kei, then you know a thing or two about the kind of music and extravagance!
You've probably also heard about these guys as well considering how big they are in Japan.
Either way, if you watched 'Darker Than Black', then you have probably heard one of their songs unless you skipped every part in which it played.. Unlikely

Here are some examples as I though I'd introduce y'all!

From the Anime!
-Kakusei Heroism-

-Snow Scene-

-Maple Gunman-


Also, if you already know about this group and have other songs which you like, please share!

P.S. They're all guys, though I was wondering about the drummer for a while!