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    Awards Showcase

    山中 フー - Yamanaka Fū

    Basic Information

    Name: Fū Yamanaka

    Nickname: Mnetalizor

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Clan: Yamanaka

    Fū's appearance was that of a regular Konoha ANBU, with a white cloak and mask. When he removed the mask, it was revealed that he was a young man with auburn coloured hair and amber eyes. He wore a short, black jacket with red straps on the shoulders like all members of Root which most likely shows allegiance to the organisation. He also wore a red short kimono under the jacket with a black sash, a pair of black gloves, dark-coloured pants, and regular shinobi sandals.

    Like all other members of the ANBU faction, Root, Fū lacks a personality due to the gruesome training regime Danzō had them undergo at a young age. As such, he acts merely as a tool that carries out Danzō's orders. The only discernible trait that he and the other members have shown is fierce loyalty towards Danzō. As such, he was willing to face Tobi with Torune and Danzō without fear or losing his temper, or even take his own eye out, while possessing Ao's body, calling it a "small price to pay" in order to fulfil Danzō's orders.

    Village Information

    Village of Birth: Konoha

    Village of Alliance: Kumo

    Rank | Chakra Information

    Ninja Rank: Sannin

    Speciality: Water | Earth | Huge fan user | Chakra Sensing | Yamanaka Techniques


    Suiton | Mastered
    Doton | Mastered
    Raiton | Mastered
    Fuuton | Mastered
    Katon | Mastered

    Ninjutsu: Mastered | Taijutsu: B Rank+All allowed of the NB Taijutsu | Genjutsu: Mastered | Germ Releaase: Co-Created


    Futon: Due to his mastery over Futon Fuu can perform water jutsu within one handseal

    Doton: Due to his extensive training in Doton Fuu can perform for Doton jutsu faster.

    Summoning: Vulture contract

    Background Information


    Little is known about Fu due to his isolation within the hidden faction of Root. It is presumed that due to his involvement under Danzo that Fu was taken, at a young age, under the guidance of Danzo and Root and was bred to be an Anbu opprative under Danzo’s control. As seen with vague flashbacks with Sai, the training undergone to become a member of Root is rather extreme and difficult, meant to breed exceptionally strong shinobi and shinobi with undying loyalty towards Danzo. Fu can be assumed to have gone through the works as well and eventually or upon being taken under his wing of Danzo, he was branded with the curse sealing on his toung which prevents shinobi within Danzou’s faction from speaking of his or the organizations dealings. The missions that are undertaken by Root are done in secret and contain a high amount of controversy, although no records of Fu’s missions or actions within Root before recently, it can be assumed, based on the praise given to him by Danzo, that he has been on a fair amount of dangerous missions to demonstrate and hone his skills as a shinobi. He was assigned a partner at some point in his days, an Aburame clan member known as Torune. During the invasion of Konoha the order was given to, presumably all of Anbu Root, to not get involved with the village’s defense against Pein by Danzo in order to allow him to take advantage and usurp the title of Hokage. Shortly after the invasion, Fu was assigned to act as Danzo’s bodyguard along with Torune, when a summit was called for the Five Kage in the Land of Iron. When Akatsuki attacked the summit, Danzo, Fu and Torune fled after the suspicion of Danzo controlling the Samurai, Mifune, with a genjutsu was confirmed. When fleeing, Fu sensed the presence of the Mizukage bodyguard, Ao, tailing them and Fu took on the sub-assignment of tracking down the pursuer and obtaining the stolen Byakugan that the shinobi had obtained. After a rather tense battle between the two, where Fu demonstrated his advanced knowledge in his clan’s mind based ninjutsu, the Mizukage caught onto the trick and he was nearly captured. He managed to escape before getting beaten and captured by the Mizukage, thus failing his mission.


    Fu carries two katana sheathed on the left side of his hip. As well as his two katana he will sometimes carry a large (like Temari's) on his back. He also carries a bow and a quiver of arrows on his back sometimes. He always had a huge fan on his back.

    Theme Music


    Won: -

    Lost: -

    Dropping Jiraiya

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