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*sigh* not really that archive is hard to find for newbie, and i from the start talking about sales period which if that the case then you shouldn't quote my post cause we're talking about 2 different things, idk i don't really care winning or not am here to state fact that i know that's all there is to it unless am not the one who run away because i can't find the prove that bleach anime is on hiatus because the reason is on your imagination LMAO......
Right here, you're telling me google is hard to use for "newbies"?. I just googled Manga 2009 sales and I found the top 10 list. There is no such thing as a newbie on google. Bleach is on hiatus, I don't need proof. It will 100% return to anime, therefore it is not completely cancelled. There's no point replying to an idiot is there, waste of time.

and again i don't need your to care...... i just state some fact over there... there is no need for you to get mad and quote my post if you don't like it or can't believe it or you can politely ask where i find such state,
oh and also if you do know that bleach beat naruto sales once upon a time then why you don't mention from the get go ? it was after i post that video you started to talk about overall sales.........
I presumed you were talking about overall sales when I read your first post actually, because 2009 is so outdated. I was wrong there, but at the same time sales still don't belong here.

well i want to post and its none of your concern because am pretty sure i have my right, and you don't tell me what to do when you can't even reply to my post in the other thread
And at the same time everyone has a right to post on this forum, but so what? There's a reason why specific threads are made. If anyone could say anything in a thread, then NB might as well change their entire format to one thread.

again i could care less if you don't care, lots of people don't know about that including you, and that's why you mad because you feel trashed after you confidently claim that bleach never finish 2nd to one piece but well **** i have the data,
That's not the point. I'm speaking for everyone else in this thread, who have read the question about power. Do you not think you're contradicting yourself here? I had just told you I was quoting you because I was talking about overall sales, but now you're twisiting my words and saying the bolded? I claimed Bleach was not second to One Piece, and it isn't. Naruto is.

that's my line over there LOL, am talking about period sales then as soon as i show you guys some proof you started to talk about overall sales, which is amusing because i never talk about that in the 1st place, am fully aware OP and dragon ball shit on every manga when you compare their overall sales
Read above, I said I presumed you were talking about overall sales in your initial post.

-is that wrong ?, i mean how much people in here actually wanted to know about some thing while they can Google it ?
like "can you tell me what death note about ?" where can i read ****** manga ?" "where can i watch this ***** anime ?
It is wrong. Sales are statistics, whilst universe vs universe contains many factors that could determine the win. Everyone has different theories, you won't find a perfect one no matter what you google when it comes to power.

-well **** you never prove me wrong because am talking about period sales from the get go, but you in the other hand never mention about overall sales... not after i post that video LMAO
Read above.

-am not boasting about that LOL just saying is that wrong ?
It is called boasting. This is a power thread, not only have you mentioned sales statistics, but you mentioned ones from 2009 which is insignificant right now.

owned ? yeah right am not the idiot who think vasta lorde is stronger than espada and they are still out there, and yet the hueco mundo is ruled by juha bach epic fail over there sonny.
Nice logic? So Aizen and the espada are defeated, Juha Bach moves in equals therefore automatically Vasto Lorde's are weaker?
1) Never seen more then one vasto lorde
2) Description of vasto lorde: "The Vasto Lordes' combat capabilities are above that of the captains of the Gotei 13."
"Tōshirō Hitsugaya states that if Sōsuke Aizen has more than ten Arrancar at Vasto Lorde level, Soul Society would be doomed"

And just so you know, Aizen had a vasto lorde, her name was Harribel. Of course not the strongest.