Oh yes yes, this had an elaborate title, but its just one fact that is easy to see.

Naruto still has not requitted Hinata's Love, he has not spoken to her since her confession and is either afraid or uninterested.

It is possible that Naruto is at the point where he must decide if he wants to Cross the Rubicon or if he wants to avoid the topic when he encounters her next.

As for now, what we've seen, Naruto does not feel the same about Hinata...he does have interest in Sakura, as seen when he was shielding and protecting her in the last couple mangas after the Pain-Invasion-Arc.

There may be another reason for Naruto not returning her love, as Hinata may be hiding from Naruto..which is a very Hinata-esque personality trait...because she is afraid of his response.

All in all, nobody knows, but Naruto has grown from the experience.