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    Pedophiles are born that way

    According to recent science they have found that pedophiles are born with an attraction to children. Now before i get started i don't advocate pedophiles or child molestation. With that being said i'll be getting started.

    Homosexuals argue that since they're born that way they shouldn't be mistreated in regards to equality. Now i'm all for equality but pedophiles use the same reasoning so whats the difference? Is it a lack of equality or have the morals of humans not degenerated to the point of allowance of such behavior. I personally believe that while both are natural humans have just lost morals so homosexuality is accepted unlike pedophiles. I believe both are born that way however i see it as wrong to say homosexuals deserve fair rights but pedophiles don't. They both suffer from a genetic disorder according to recent science, but only one is treated as such. Ive kinda just been typing my thoughts and I can't see how people think that just because your born a certain way makes it ok. Just because your born a certain way doesnt make it natural or morally right. Pedophiles do unthinkable acts towards children but the human race only thinks tht due to our current morals. Prior to this day and age homosexuality was unthinkable but as awareness was made morals degenerated. My key point is someday being a pedophile will be accepted by the same scenario. In some societies it is accepted. Sorry for my rant i just think its interesting.

    Child with pedo disorder likes children
    Teenager with pedo disorder likes teenagers
    Adult with pedo disorder likes children.

    I find it interesting.

    PLEASE do not bring religion into this. Its a compare and contrast between two genetic disorders.
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