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By god....we've gotten every un educated religious zealot to comment in the same thread.....nice to see shinobi train still thinks he can use his misleading studies and self centered arguments to attempt to prove his opinion. Legomynecro is still a buffoon (anyone else notice the ONLY threads he comments on are controversial threads where he can try and pound his religion down your throat?)
It's only misleading because you don't understand nor have studied it, and I am certainly not self-centered, I care about other individuals unlike yourself. :p

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Homosexuality is not a disorder.
Pedophilia is a disorder.
Learn the difference.
Then do tell, what's the difference? If someone can choose not to be a pedophile, then certainly they could just as easily choose not to be gay. These are both fetishes, nothing more.

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This is all a question of your view on life and what your morals are.

If you think evil is a born trait, go ahead and think that.

We've all been babies once before, but when you hold a child, do you really think that you're holding the next Hitler? Do you really think that a person is born what they are, and nothing they can possibly do will change anything?

Was I born what I am today?

Were you born what you are today?

I can honestly say that I've changed a lot over the years, some for the good, and some for the bad. But I have changed. I'm sure everyone here has changed something about themselves over the years. Genetics may decide what you look like and they might decide how smart you are. But they don't decide how you are raised.

I hate to bring up Hitler again, but he wanted to be a priest when he was 15. Until most of his family died. Drastic change.

My point is, people change, there are countless examples of that.

But, you're obviously on the nature side of the great debate. No one ever changes sides on something like this, so there's no point in arguing.
Exactly, Hitler was not born as the evil he became, he was taught through his parentage, his school, his church, etc. If he had been raised in a different way, then he could have just as easily started a rule of peace rather than death.