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    Can Minato do Kage Bunshin? (must read)

    Another great day and a good day to ask all NB users for their opinion. For some time now, there are others who believes that Minato can't do Kage Bunshin. While I personally believe he can due to some hints given by Kishi, other's do not. So, I would like everyone's opinion about this.

    First of, we can't say that a person can't do this because we haven't seen him do when there is an evidence that can back it up and make us conclude that he can. Let's talk about the other powerful nins that did not demonstrate their ability but we know they can because of the hints given by the manga

    1. Hashirama: We haven't seen him using the wood techniques that Madara was diplaying but we know that it was the original tech from the 1st because wood techniques can only be performed by him that's why Madara stole that ability.

    Question: Even if we know that the techniques Madara showed us comes from the 1st but we did not see the 1st doing it, can we say that he cannot do it because we haven't seen him doing it? Or we can just use our common sense that he can do it because it was hinted that the technique Madara uses comes from the 1st? Which is which? Eyes or brain?

    2. Hiruzen: It was said that he know all Konoha techniques thus given the name professor but we haven't seen him perfoming those techs. He showed us only few.

    Question: Even if it was said on the manga that he knows all Konoha techniques, can we say that he can ONLY do those techniques he showed us so far? If we'll count it, it won't reach 10. Do we believe in what we see or we can use the hint given by the manga that he knows a hundred or thousands of jutsu? Again eyes or brain?

    3. Kakashi: It was said that because of the sharingan, Kakashi was able to copy a thousand jutsu thus giving him the nickname copy ninja. We have not seen him doing a 1000 jutsu so can we say that he can't perform it because we have not seen it? or do we take into consideration what the manga told us. Eyes or Brain?

    Enough of our examples. Let's go to the main topic. Can Minato do Kage Bunshin?

    In part 1, we know that to be able to graduate one must perform bunshin no jutsu.

    Later in part one, Naruto stole the scroll and the 1st technique listed was a bunshin no jutsu which he is bad at

    It was mentioned by Hiruzen that the scroll was forbidden by the previous Hokage.

    If my memory serves me well, at this point of time, Hiruzen was the Hokage and he took this position back after Minato died which we all know was the Hokage before Hiruzen took the position back. So, since this is part 1 and Hiruzen was the Hokage for the 2nd time, who was the previous Hokage he's referring to?

    Don't anybody think that a Hokage has the position to know what was written in the scroll? If they have this oppurtunity, do you think that they don't find time reading what was written on it?

    Kage Bunshin is not a special tech, bloodline or a clans technique that is only limited to a few person or a selected one. It's a B rank tech which anybody can learn. From what the manga hinted us so far, I would like to know everyone's opinion by voting on the poll. Is Minato capable of doing Kage Bunshin?

    Thanks for reading!:ice:
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