in order to have susanoo you have to have both eyes and had to unlock tsukoyomi and amaterasu before you can get susanoo, dont believe me go to and search susanoo.

not only that but it states in the manga that you need to unlcok those abilities to obtain susanoo also when sasuke firstlearned about these abilities he used all at the 5 kage summit, he used amaterasu first then tsukoyomi afterwards suigetsu told them that they should leave but sasuke said that he had one more ability to test out(now if he could use susanoo at any time then why did he use ama and tsuko first, because he had to use them first to unlock susanoo).

we know sasukehas tsukoyomi, because of susanoo, and because in the fight with danzo he uses it and danzo escapes saying to sasuke that he know where near itachis level at using tsukoyomi to control time. we know for a fact that itachi was a beast tsukoyomi user and he could use amaterasu, sasuke is the opposite he has blaze release for hes a beast amaterasu user and can use tsukoyomi.


and finally madara, by this time now we all know that he was screwing with the kage in his fight plus he was an edo, so what would b the point in using amaterasu or tsukoyomi not to mention the fact that he had the rinnegan and hashiramas cells. the only reason he was in susanoo was in oder to do that bad ars meteor attack, have to have rinnegan and susanoo(naruto wikia), plus at this point in the manga we are all aware of the abilities that come with the sharingan it wouldnt b a suprise to the readers that madra could use amaterasu or tsukoyomi.

back to the main point of thread, no tboi cant use susanoo because
1. doesnt have both eyes
2. hasnt acquired amaterasu or tsukoyomi
3. if he could use it he wouldve in his fight with naruto when his kamui tactic failed and became useless