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one of the most bada** gildarts moment.
that was nice, but my favorite on-screen moment is when he makes Natsu cry by unleashing all of his magical essence in their fight. That was awesome. Although his most bada** moment was off-screen, when he survived a fight with Acnologia. _O
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is blue man the guy thats always trying to say that "he is a man"?
Elfman is the guy who always says "this is a man" "i am a man", "___ man" Bluenote is introduced later in the series, and only lasts one arc.
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hahah they look a lot alive!
If you haven't met Gildarts, you definately haven't met Bluenote; how do you know what he looks like? O_o

Do you remember anyone mentioning the "old man"? That's Gildarts?