Nether-less why the hell am I fighting in this war. 10 things a folder Ninja would ask themselves

1. Who trained them 11 leaf ninja to be so powerful they skipped out on me (affirmative action lawsuit?)
2. Our drinking water did not have the steroids the newer generation has they were as strong as us as kids.
3. [email protected] once the war started some of these strong people were killing us 100 at a time wtf.
4. If this is a real war why do they not give this white naked man things shoes, a shirt, pants come on a least a weapon he runs naked into battle they do not care about us do they.
5. If I kill one or more of these white humanoid creatures does it count as one kill or more? Aren't they the same person(medals?)
6. Them young kids are our generals now and that one that got beat three times with the scar facture on his head where his daddy beat him is kage now. WTF is going on.
7. Hold on the guy that got whooped and the racoon spirt tooken out of him is the main general. He never won before why is he general, hold on, wait, did i miss something. I did Anbu mission for 16 years mehhhh this sucks
8.Where is star village, rain village, and mist wtf.
9.Why are we going against Mandara we were taught to fear him what up with everyone wanting to fight him.
10. Naruto says he got this. Why are we still fighting you can see we are dying to fast all we do is throw kunais and some do simple stuff even TinTin knew that wasn't working and she picked up a banana fan.