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    After re-reading the fight between Danzo and Sasuke, it really helped me to understand that i never really understood how Izanagi really works.

    Some people think that when Danzo uses Izanagi, you have to kill him 10times(or 11 if we count Shisuis eye) to win, but this vision is wrong, and i'll explain why by showing what really happened in the fight between Sasuke and Danzo:

    - Here is where Danzo activates Izanagi:

    - Here you can see Sasuke crushing Danzo, and another image appear next to him:

    Now the error many people did was to think that because a new Danzo appeared, one of Danzos eye will be closed, but it was a wrong way of thinking. None of Danzos eye was closed at that moment

    You can notice that Danzo got crushed again on this pic:

    And here again:

    Later he got killed here again:

    Then here again:

    And after that Karin notice that the 3eyes are still closed:

    What did you notice? Danzo got crushed 5times, but only 3eyes are closed? The reason is simple.

    Izanagi is infact a ultimate genjutsu you throw on yourself to turn everything into illusion within a certain time duration

    Danzos Izanagi has a time duration of 1minute for each eye:
    Which means that when Danzo uses one Izanagi, during one minute, he is untouchable whether you kill him one time or thousand times. His eye closes only after that minute and it's when Izanagi finishes.

    In Danzos case, he has multiple Izanagi eyes. So when Izanagi is activated(with handseals), after one Izanagi, another one is released from another eye, but just before that, Danzos chakra take a great dip:

    And that's why Danzo needs to desactivate Izanagi sometimes to conserv his chakra:

    So contrary to the popular belief, the thing to beat Danzo is not to kill him 10 or 11times like some people say, but it's to somehow force him to constantly use Izanagi, so that after the 10 or 11minute of Izanagi he can use, he becomes vulnerable. And it's what Tobi explains here:

    Another method is simply to kill him before he uses the handseals to activate Izanagi. Like i've said, Izanagi takes a lot of chakra. That's why sometimes, Danzo needs to stop the technique. If he stops the technique, he becomes vulnerable and it's at that moment you can strike
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