I found something important that it may have been overlooked...

The Raikage A belives that Kinkaku and Ginkaku ar related to the Sage of Six paths !

What we know about the ones that are related to the S06p are that they are from the Senju clan , Uchiha clan and distant relatives of the Senju... The Uzumaki clan

- They can't be from the Senju Clan because:

Kinkaku and Ginkaku are from Kumogakure and tsunade doesn't know about them...

- They can't be from the Uchiha Clan because:

LOL they don't have a sharingan !

- They can't be from the Uzumaki Clan

Moust of the Uzumaki clan had Red hair...and they used fuinjutsu... Kinkaku and Ginkaku used the weapons to seal.... they had no fuinjutsu or Red hair...

Conclusion: They must be from Another Clan that is related to the Sage of the Six Paths !