Hi Guys

Like we all know Danzo wants to catch kabuto because kabuto knows ussefull information about danzo and orochimaru and i think he knows about danzo's Sharingan and his arm thats why he wants to catch him so he cant tell about danzo's Little secret

Naruto 454 page 17 | One Manga

We already know about the sharingan but we still dont know about his arm
i got someting fore the Danzo is Tobi Believers

I think if he is tobi he got sort of a protection on his arm and danzo does not wants to show it yet

You know why ?? because Tobi blocked the attack of suigetsu on kisame with just his arm normally his arm would have been blown off so i think that arm is very strong it blocked * ZABUZA'S BLADE !! * so if danzo is tobi he is hiding that very strong arm under that bandage

Naruto 404 page 12 | One Manga

Now he has let us see his sharingan so im so excited about his arm what kind of POWERS does he got with that Arm

Any Predictions ??